What drives . . . The Car

Behold the glory of magic!

When NC got home from doing her nursing she took me to get my car out of impound.  I admit that I expected the impound guy to either be a dirty carny ride operator style hick, or a fat man with a stain on his shirt from a meatball sub.  He was a good-looking Indian dude.   You know what they say about assumptions.

Handsome Indian Dude said that my car wouldn’t turn over, they had to flatbed it in, which is why it was so GOD DAMN expensive to get it out.  I assured him that it would run for me.  It would not.  Which was fucking embarrassing.   

To his credit Handsome Indian Dude didn’t stand there with a smug look on his face but he did look at me like I was insane when I said that I just needed some wings and beer to get my strength back and everything would be fine.   

Silver lining, I’ve suspected that the only reason some of my POS cars run is because I’m magically making them run without intentionally doing it and I’d say this is confirmation of that.   

How is that possible when I’ve been going on and on since the start of this blog about how magic takes years of practice and study?   

Royale has a section in his notes where he explains it.  Magic is part of all things, living and not living.  It permeates everything.  I hate whenever I say that I think about that frog-guy from Star Trek talking about the Force.  Fucking Star Trek. 

Magic is there whether you learn how to mess with it or not.  It’s flowing around and doing whatever magic does when people aren’t using it to fuck with each other.  When you do learn how to mess with magic that alters the way it flows nearby even when you’re not doing anything with it.   

The ultimate goal of magic study is to intentionally work magic without having to rely on crutches like spells or wands or human sacrifice, to just think and have shit happen like a genie.  Better than a genie because they have to snap their fingers.  No one has ever achieved this goal as far as I know.   

The word is intentional.  Magic happening without all the window dressing has been observed but it wasn’t directed intentionally.  Royale never did it and neither did any of his friends, but he confirms a few times that it’s happened.  

A woman who really wanted a baby healed herself of a medical issue preventing her from getting pregnant without casting a healing spell.  A guy who really wanted to be a good painter was unintentionally magically making himself a better painter.  Also painting scenes of horrible blood magic shit that Royale and his friends put a stop to.   

Most spectacular of all, a married couple kept their ship from sinking after being holed without any spell knowledge that would allow them to do so consciously.  If you’ve trained yourself to be a conductor of magical energy and you’re emotionally invested in something those are the keys to unintentional magic.  My car is really important to me, seeing as how I live in it most of the time and I need to work, so it runs even though it shouldn’t and I don’t know a spell to do that.   

It’s a little depressing that my thing is so mundane but on the other hand those other examples are a one-time things that happened.  Even the painter guy only did it for a couple of paintings before he lost it.  I might be the only person to consistently and repeatedly do magic without being aware of it.   


After we hit the Arby’s across the street and grabbed some Mike’s Harder Lemonade from the Super Quick up the block we went back and my car started up fine.   

Okay, not fine, but it started.  It was sluggish and rattled a lot and seemed like it could die at any moment, just like me right now.  Which I think is even more evidence of how magic is linking up between us.   


    1. Statistically speaking probably something related to a skill or technology that is already obsolete or hasn’t been invented yet. I’m guessing either super-tinsmithing power or the ability to see and manipulate nano-robots.

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