You can’t just have your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry! 

I learned some time ago that getting older isn’t so bad BUT that it is a constant sucker-punch of new things that you never even knew could be a problem.  I know that every day and get weaker and dumber but it’s the specifics that catch you off guard. 

Such as, I’m allergic to cats now.  I love cats.  We always had cats in my family.  Until a few years ago I had a cat all on my own.  We were best friends.  Now cats make me sniffle at the nose and itch at the eyeballs.  I call bullshit on that!

As you know one of my main worries (which means I have a very easy life) is that I don’t seem to like much anymore.  I was buoyed by the fact that I have enjoyed the last 3 books I read and found some new (to me) shows I like BUT I’m thinking about putting the “found family” story on the list of things that I can’t care about anymore. 

I watched Loki Season 2 and it was okay.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!  To (not really) save the day Loki had to realize that his motivation was saving his friends rather then saving the world.  Friends in this case being 2 dudes that he talked to for five minutes and a variant of himself that he knew for a few days?  Mobius I kind of accept even though realistically (whatever that means in this context) they also only knew each other for like a week but they did have a lot of buddy action comedy screentime so it seemed like more.  I’ll allow that Loki probably has never had a real friend so things are accelerated but it still didn’t land for me. 

This addition to the list of annoyance has been a while coming.  I’ve often thought that the main character in a thing is super-duper quick on the trigger to scream “I’ll let the whole world burn to save these 5 people I met yesterday!”  The first Guardians of the Galaxy is probably my favorite Marvel movie but it’s drenched in the sticky sauce of people suddenly being willing to kill and die for “family” they’ve known over a long weekend. 

I guess the idea is supposed to be that they’re “outcasts” so anyone who’s nice to them at all is suddenly their ride and die buddy? 

Because I changed sites I missed my “birthday” of starting the Grace story(?) in September.  And also a year ago last September.  I still like writing it.  Remember when I was posting it on Wattpad?  I do.  Then this site broke so I stopped posting on Wattpad to spend that time working on fixing it and then I never started up again with Wattpad.  What a loss for the world. 

A stand-up comedian that I found to be mildly funny said an interesting non-funny thing, when we talk to someone we’re bringing the thoughts and opinions of everyone we’ve ever interacted with along, as is the person listening to us.  We talk with a thousand mouths and listen with a thousand ears.  Her point was that despite our many problems communicating with each other it’s really neat that we ever understand each other at all. 

In conclusion, one of the countries where babies let the least attention from their parents is Canada, which is surprising.  I assumed the Canadians were reserved but still loving. 


  1. Just don’t breathe when you’re around cats. Seems like the easiest solution.
    I too find everything is terrible all the time, it’s probably 80% me, 15% most media & books are just pandering and nonsense, and 5% just not tailored towards me. It’s fine, I’ll just shake my angry fist at the sky and tell kids to get off my lawn, which I am also now allergic to.

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