Happy wombat day

The wombat is the only animal with an innate sense of democracy, that’s why they’re called nature’s presidents.

A while back I started playing Sentinels of the Multiverse on Steam.  I declare it to be pretty fun.  Reviewed!  The Sentinels Superman analog is called Legacy.  Superman analogs aren’t usually that interesting but there’s a neat idea behind Legacy.  Back in olden times there was a dude who was born who just had danger sense.  He was like a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type pulp hero with that one minor power.  He had a kid and that kid had danger sense and could also fly.  He became a domino mask 20s style super puncher.  And then that due had a kid with danger sense and could fly and was super strong, and so on, each generation inheriting the previous powers and adding a new one until you get to a Superman type.

In a world where it seems like everything has been done to death with comic superpeople I think that’s nifty.  There’s not a lot you can do with it in an actual comic unless you’re going to have each series be about another generation but it’s still cool. 

It made me think about a comic I really enjoyed but can’t remember the name of and haven’t found the right google magic to search up, wherein a Superman analog died and his archnemesis was about to finally destroy the city he had always protected.  But this dude was secretly a real hound-dog and when Dr. Badevil showed up all to wreck the place all his illegitimate children came out of hiding to team up and stop him, each one having inherited one of the 73 superpowers poppa Supes had. 

This of course made me think about Extreme Championship Wrestling.  ECW started as the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance, then was changed to Eastern Championship Wrestling in 1992.  In what is now a notorious moment in wrestling history Eastern Championship Wrestling was going to become part of the revived National Wrestling Alliance and ECW stalwart Shane Douglas was to become the first NWA heavyweight champion since 1988, but instead it was a double cross!  Shane Douglas upon winning the NWA heavyweight championship tournament went “off script” and hurled the NWA belt to the ground, declaring himself the EXTREME Wrestling Champion and that the NWA could kiss his ass.  The dastard!

Because it was the early 90s and people were into EXTREME ness ECW became the hip thing in the wrestling business for a hot minute, although they never actually made any money.  Well that’s not true, eventually after ECW went bankrupt and their IP was purchased by noted asshole Vince McMahon WWE made a shit-ton of money selling ECW merch and DVDs. 

One of the early successful gimmicks of EXTREME Championship Wrestling was the Dudleys.  The idea behind the Dudleys was that they were all half-brothers, the sons of a journeyman wrestler of yesteryear that traveled across the land.  For wrestling it’s a pretty good idea and one that’s surprising that it hadn’t been done before.  To make sure that the fans knew who the Dudleys were they had a uniform of thick black glasses, tie-dye shirts, high-tops and overalls.  For some reason. 

Ergo the idea for a super-story I’ll probably never write is akin the same.  Main character finds out their real father is, oh let’s call him the Roadmaster, a minor superhero from the 90s who traveled the land fighting evil and also knocking up lots of ladies.  Main character has to find her (what am I going to do write a male MC?  Unheard of!) half-siblings across the land.  For some reason.   Perhaps the Roadmaster had picked up the OmegaAlphaTron device and now it’s needed to defeat Novalacticus before he eats the moon and presumably one of these bastards knows where it is. 

That’s an idea, you can’t deny that.


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