Hide away

I don’t know how I wasn’t able to catch him.  I was out of the car after him in two seconds.  I should be way faster than a kid.  Somehow he left me in the dust.  He was around the corner out of my sight in a flash.  No problem, I’ll just track him down with my finding spell. 

It reminded me of a place I used to hide out in sometimes.  In Chicago I think. Lots of rusted metal and old brick buildings that were falling apart.  Must be that the mortar rots away leaving the brick and that’s why you find so many loose bricks around.  Can you reuse bricks?  Seems like you should be able to but if there was any money in gathering up bricks they wouldn’t laying around.

Whenever I come to one of these parts of a city I’m reminded how strange it is.  A few blocks to the west and there’s a city where everything is fine.  And then over here is a wasteland.  It must be easier to build new and expand out than fix up the old parts of a town.  It creates a hollow tree scenario where the deeper you go into the city the more rot there is.  It’s fucked.

Seems like the mayor or the city council would want to keep this from happening.  Knock it down at least.  That costs money too though. 

I tracked the kid to a big old building that had nothing left in the way of roof so there were plants growing up inside it.  Made it look like an unintentional greenhouse.  There was a tree in there.  An actual tree.  There was a piece of corrugated metal over a hole in the wall that had been ripped loose as an entry point. 

If I would have been thinking I would have wondered how the kid covered so much ground this quickly.  I would have thought that this wasn’t someplace you would stash your kidnapped wife or do your wicked occult rituals.  It wasn’t even the kind of place teenagers would come to get high and give each other handjobs.  Too deep into the rot for that.

I wasn’t thinking.  I was worried about the kid.  I didn’t want him to get hurt. 

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