Kids love patricide

I did not want to get involved.  What could I do though?  Tell the kid to fuck off and deal with it himself?  Sorry your dad is an evil wizard using magic to force your mom into gangbangs?  I joke about it but I’ve never read Harry Potter.  I understand his parents were the magic police.  I wish that was a thing.  I’d call them all the time.  I’d be a snitching mother.

The kid told me where I could find his dad.  I told him I wasn’t interested in that.  My plan was to start with the mom.  Talk with her and if she’s under the mind control maybe I could break it.  Start there.  I won’t lie, I was hoping there was a chance the kid was full of shit and everything would be fine with the mom.

He didn’t like that plan.  He wanted me to go after his dad right then.  Can’t blame him for that.  I explained that the important thing was to get him and his mom to safety before I did anything about the dad.  I told him that I would deal with the father once they were out of the line of fire. 

I meant it about 50%.  The other 50% would have been fine splitting after getting the woman and the kid away from the dad.  I probably would have looked into the guy too but I wasn’t about to swear a blood oath to this kid that I was going to vigilante murder his father. 

That’s what he wanted for sure.

I had myself convinced he rode his bike to the show and I wouldn’t have room for it my car and that would be a big issue.  He got there by bus.  My mind instantly went to “why didn’t the bus driver think a kid alone was weird?”  Again, if anyone should know better it should be me. 

I was also afraid that he would want to hold my hand.  He seemed too old for that but I don’t know anything about kids.  I was terrified that I’d grab my hand as we were walking to my car.  I was terrified that I’d pull my hand away without thinking about it.  I don’t like being grabbed. 

That all went fine.  Things got fucked when I asked the kid where he was telling me to drive.  We weren’t going into a neighborhood, we were going into an industrial area or whatever you call the places with lots of loading docks and big square buildings.  All of which appeared to be shut down and rusted.  Several of them looked like they had been burned. 

He told me that his mom wasn’t at home, that his dad had her tied up in one of these buildings.  I stopped the car to ask him what the fuck he was talking about. 

That’s when he bolted.


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