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Go-Go Gas & Hunting Supplies, Julesburg, Colorado

As a gas station I give Go-Go Gas & Hunting Supplies 2 stars.   They didn’t have good selection of snacks and even with what they did have I had to hunt to find something that wasn’t expired.  A couple of the gas pumps don’t work.  I think they’ve been that way for a long time. 

I don’t know anything about hunting, but that part seemed fine to me.  Tons of backpack type things, urine sprays, radios, plenty of knives, safety vests, body bags for animals which I didn’t know was a thing.  A few guns and lots of ammo. 

I’m going to give the woman working there the night I was there five stars.  Wesley Locker is her name and she is a rock star. 

I showed up there at 2 AM looking for help/shelter along with a couple other people from the Cranmore Inn.  We had just witnessed the murder of the local sheriff and his deputy along with several members of a hunting party that were also staying there. 

Wesley listened to what I had to say, immediately closed the place down and unlocked the gun case.  She did not hesitate or ask stupid questions or freak out.  She did what needed to be done.  There was no mobile signal in the area but there was a land line in the store.  She called her boyfriend who was able to get in touch with Nebraska State police, she said they would respond faster since we were right by the border.

When the killers briefly laid siege to the Go-Go Gas and Hunting Supplies Wesley had left one of the radios outside and told them that we had enough firepower to keep them out, provisions to last for months, and the authorities were on their way so they had better think twice about what they wanted to do.  To say she was cool under pressure is a wild understatement. 

After all the excitement I asked her if she had been in the military.  She said no, but her dad had been “kind of a doomsday prepper”.  She wants to become a park ranger so if you’re ever in a park and you’re dealing with a young woman that has a ponytail like that blonde from that one show, you know the one, ask her if her name is Wesley and if it’s her tell her thanks from Grace.

Overall I give my Go-Go Gas & Hunting Supplies experience 5 stars.

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