Saving Grace – Kelly Sharp

After the first time we helped Grace with one of her magic adventures I was on a high for weeks after it was over.  I don’t know if I’ve felt better in my life than I did then.  Once that euphoria wore off things changed.  After the initial jubilation of finding out that magic is real wears off you start to consider the implications.  Our friend wasn’t just the victim of a manipulative MLM scam that uses cult tactics, which is bad enough, she was the victim of a manipulative MLM scam that uses cult tactics run by a cabal of people with true magical power who routinely commit murder and get away with it.  We helped Grace exorcise a demon from a man who had been killing people since the 1950’s.  A literal demon.   

On the one hand Bora and I waited in anticipation for Grace to call us, we craved for her to call us, we were in a secret club and we were going to save the world.  On the other hand, we dreaded that call coming.  Because we were in a secret club, and those secrets were things maybe we didn’t want to know.  And maybe we would have to save the world, and who in their right mind would want that responsibility?  Not only that, but Bora and I aren’t magic.  What on earth are we supposed to do if we’re confronted by one of these people or things that Grace deals with?  I wanted to be a sidekick, well I was, Jimmy Olsen.     

Bora and I talked often about it.  It was like we took turns being each other’s therapist.  Therapists without any training, but it helps just to have someone to talk through things with.  Logically the existence of magic doesn’t change anything.  A violent misogynist walking around with a gun in his pocket could take me out at any time just as easily as a magic person can, so it shouldn’t make a difference that they’re out there. 

It is different though.   

Whenever Grace asks help her with something she’s very embarrassed about it.  She feels bad for getting us involved.  Bora and I both do everything we can to try and put her at ease but she’s not the sort to be put at ease.

This last time though it was more than feeling guilty she was distraught.  I’m positive that her friend with the numbers for a name (she’s also a wrestler so it’s not that a weird name for her to have) made her call us. 

Grace has a strange notion about people with money.  Maybe because she never had any.  I get the idea that she feels that having a lot of money gives you superpowers.  I think she’s watched too many cop shows where rich people get away with murder.  I’m not saying that wealthy people don’t get away with a lot of things that the rest of us don’t, what I’m saying is that Grace has actual magic!  I believe that most people would give away their fortune for that gift.   

Of course, in this case the woman she was dealing with was both rich and magical.  Which is why I am so glad that 4-2-whatever made her reach out to us.  Her plan was just to throw herself into the trap of the evil witch and try and fight her way out.   

Bora and I may not be able to cast any spells but you’d be surprised what magic you can work if you put your mind to it.   

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