RPGaDay – the final four

I don’t know if the people that wrote these prompts were running out of steam at the end or if I’m running out of steam for writing them but these last few haven’t interested me as much as.

I have nothing to say about scariest game.  That’s not the vibe of any gaming group I’ve been part of.  Because we’re so tough and manly.

Because the intent of these prompts is positivity I’m not going talk about my most memorable encounters.  My most memorable encounters are ones where I had a rule wrong and later everyone was like “good work CHEATER”.  They were joking around but I still get self-conscious when I screw something up.  Which is funny because it literally could not matter less. 

Most obscure game played?  Technically that would be the rules I came up for with playing GI Joe with my friends when I was 10 but that probably doesn’t count.  I had a real hard time bringing that one to market.  I would guess the intent of this question is to let readers know about a cool game they might not know about. 

Deadlands is a game I don’t hear people talking about very often.  We never played it much, partially because I’m a pill and I don’t like games where you use cards and poker chips instead of just dice but thematically it’s neat.  I think weird/supernatural/horror Western is a cool genre and this is the only game I know of that produced a lot of material for it. 

Favorite game?  By a wide margin D&D is the game I’ve played the most but it’s not my favorite.  I’d say that’s probably D6 Star Wars.  I know that it’s popular to hate Star Wars now amongst people of my ilk because they made more Star Wars things but I still like it.  So Star Wars is cool plus a rules set that is cool and Star Warsy and we have a winner. 

Honorable mention to Firefly/Serenity which is kind of funny because I would put sci-fi as my least favorite RPG genre and where I am with Star Wars and Firefly.  Although, some people, you know the kind I mean, would say that neither of those are Real Sci-Fi, that they’re space opera or space westerns or whatever. 


  1. Yeah, gotta be pedantic and go with the “Star Wars is space opera, not scifi”.

    Now that you’ve done so many non-story related posts, do you think you’ll keep up that trend or return to the story stuff?

  2. You should probably carry around a Snickers bar just in case myself, or whom ever wants to argue what sci-fi is. Is it spaceships and laser swords? Is it a dinosaur park run amok? Is it monkey people rounding up humans to breed in cages? Is it phasers, teleporters, and techno-babble. Sure, because it’s a word, and if you say it (or type it) and I understand your meaning, then that’s what it is, because, language.

    ALOT of these prompts are open/vague, but that’s what makes them good prompts.

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