Saving Grace – 42561

If I didn’t know better I could almost make believe that my mom knew that I was going to be doing this one day and she trained me for it specifically.   She didn’t, she would never want me to do anything like this.  It makes you wonder about fate and how the world all works.   

Was I supposed to meet Grace?  If our paths hadn’t crossed what would I have done in Needles?   

My part of the plan fit my skills exactly.  The bad guys control the roads so the only way in is through rocky woods?  An eight-mile trail ride through the Alabama back country?  No problem.  It’s a night operation that requires stealth?  I have techniques that let see in the dark and move silently.  There are dogs handlers patrolling the grounds?  It just so happens that I have a technique that masks my scent as well.

I can climb a security fence, I can break down a security door, I can move without being detected by a motion sensor.  Inadvertently I think my mom trained me to be an excellent thief.  Or maybe not inadvertently.  Preparing for this mission now I have to wonder what she was doing all those nights when I was in bed and she left the house late at night.   That part was all so easy it was hard to believe.  I kept waiting for something to go wrong. 

Taking out the guards was where it got not so easy.  Learning to wrestle gives you a decent grasp of how to fight for real.  I’ve trained casually at BJJ studios as well.  I’ve trained a little more seriously with Judo.  Until Needles I was never in a real fight.  It’s not something I’m comfortable with entirely.  How many people can there be in the world that are really ready for a hand-to-hand battle to the death?  Even if you’ve had combat training in the military how many people can really say they’re ready for that? 

I wasn’t but I managed. 

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