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Royal Motor Court Lounge, Picasso, Kentucky

This place has a lot of 1-star reviews and almost all of them mention the blonde woman who owns the place screaming at them or threatening them and being horrible.  This is a public service announcement more than a review the Royal Motor Court Lounge.

The crazy woman that many bad reviews mentions is a wrestler go goes by Peggy Lee Leather.  If you google that name you’ll find a different wrestler from the 80’s, that’s not her, this is someone using the same name. 

Peggy keeps the Royal Motor Court Lounge going so she can give free rooms to other wrestlers and provide them with a place to party.  She doesn’t care about making money or customer service.  I’m surprised that all the reviews mention only threats and not actual violence.  Peggy will absolutely kick your ass if you bug her too much. 

If you stay the Royal Motor Court Lounge there is a good chance that there will be loud drunk wrestlers there wandering around in various stages of nudity.  There will probably be drug use and loud shouting and it will be loud.  You may come across a 350-pound man wearing a mask having sex with a part time sex worker on the ice machine.  There will be loose dicks.  There will not be any refunds.

I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t stay there if you’re not a wrestler.  But you should know what you’re getting into.  If you can sleep through loud partying or don’t care about noise and frontal male nudity, the Royal Motor Court Lounge is a good motel for the price.  The rooms are clean and there’s decent wi-fi which is more than you can expect for $37.50 tax included. 

Peggy is the only one who works there.  If you ask her for towels or something else and you haven’t gotten them don’t ask again.  Asking a second time will not get you what you’re asking for but it may get you punched. 

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