AG Reviews – Wickenburg, Arizona

I stayed one night at a bed & breakfast in Wickenburg while traveling for work.

Pros –

  • Palomino Club has great food, although has an old person vibe if you care about being cool
  • Wonderful desert scenery
  • Good hiking & biking trails
  • Hot spring close by
  • Bunch of places for RVs and camping
  • ORNERY HOG BBQ!!! (a million stars)

Cons –

  • No gym in the entire town unless I missed it
  • No fast food, I know this is a plus for some people but I like cheap options
  • Some of the townspeople are cannibals
  • Very annoying cowboy ghost with no tongue and nails in the eye sockets
  • Under the sway of 400-500 year blood mage (may not be a problem anymore)
  • Police department infiltrated by cultists

I stayed at the Star Ranch B&B in Wickenburg and got to explore the town a little before a blood mage tried to kill me.

When I was leaving town the police pulled me over and took me to an abandoned mine where a Spanish guy was waiting with some locals that had sharp animal teeth.  I don’t speak Spanish but one of the other people translated that I knew too much and had to die.  I told them I didn’t know anything, but it was clear they were going to eat me anyway. 

They said I had to go into the mine to meet their god.  I decline their offer. 

Most of the cops weren’t very good fighters.  I’m not sure if that’s a pro or a con since they were cultists.  The Spanish guy wasn’t a very good wizard either.  Aside from being hundreds of years old all I saw him do was turn his stomach into a shark-mouth with a long tongue-tentacle that tried top grab me. 

I did go into the mine after the fight because I heard someone shouting down there.  I didn’t see anything that looked like a god but couldn’t see much by the light of my phone, maybe there was a god down there.  The shouting guy was chained to a rock with a bunch of bones and people scraps. He had come looking for his sister who was murdered at the same B&B I stayed at.

After I got him out of there a volunteer firefighter in town knew this other guy that helped us collapse the mine with Emulex. 

The Spanish guy came here in the 1600s and murdered hundreds of native peoples for whatever is in the mine and got to not age as long as he killed more people, which he eventually outsourced by making a cannibal cult.  That the cowboy ghost was a civil war vet who tried to take him down in the 1800s and it didn’t go good.  Which doesn’t make him any less annoying.

Rating – 1 Star: It’s not fair to judge a place based on one bad experience but kidnap-murder-blood magic-cannibals is a very bad experience.  I would like to visit again someday and see what’s going on since the mine collapsed because it has potential to be a nice place.

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