#RPGaDay2023 – Day 2: First GAMEMASTER

Oh gees, I was a kid, how am I supposed to remember? What kind of crazy memory test is this?

I can tell you who it wasn’t, my cousin. I was ten and we were at grandma’s house and he had the TMNT RPG with him and I thought it was cool. I was all like “what is this?!” and he’s all like “a game” and I says to him I says “can we play it?!” and he goes “no”.

I was confused and annoyed because we were pals and I couldn’t understand why he said no and he couldn’t explain it because he was nine. Later once I realized what RPGs are it made sense.

For the first 20 years of playing RPGs I was almost always the GM. I don’t know if it was the first time someone else did it but the first time I remember was Brad Schonhorst. I remember the adventure mostly involved him showing his drawings of topless barbarian ladies. I remember two “traps” from that adventure. One was a slide you had to go down that had a 1-3 chance of killing you and other was choosing one of three women to have sex with (for reasons) one of who was a monster in disguise and would kill you. I said to Brad “my character is a girl remember” and he got super mad and the session was over. Forever. He never ran a game again. Or if he did I wasn’t invited.

It was probably the best adventure that a 12-year-old boy who wasn’t really that into RPGs could come up with.

Hmm, this is supposed to be about positivity. Later on other people would run games and they were actual games instead of weird preteen sex stuff. So that was good.

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