#RPGaDay2023 – Day 1: First RPG Played (This Year)

Today I learned that in August there’s a thing called RPGaDay. Sometimes I do things. Not often. But sometimes. On my old blog a couple times I got roped into “best blogger” chain letters because I was desperate for attention. The shame.

A guy on a show I tried to like once said “true humility is the only antidote to shame”. If that’s accurate I guess I have false humility.

Anyway this thing seems better than those things.

I’m supposed to remember the first RPG I played this year? That was 7 months ago. I don’t play too many different RPGs these days though.

I think the list is Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, Pathfinder 1st edition, Dungeon Crawl Classics, THE STRANGE, Cypher, Dungeon & Dragons 3rd edition, Star Wars D6/West End Games, Shadowrun 5th edition & Shadowrun Anarchy. I think.

I think the game I played first in January was the session 1 of the Dragonlance 5th edition adventure whatever they call their things now. Not adventure paths, but something. We have dubbed our campaign Brolancing the Dragon. You know like Romancing the Stone. We’re cool.

I think we’re on session 6 now, which is almost one per month. Not bad for old people.

I am shitty at making 5th edition characters which is funny because the game is so stripped down it’s supposed to be easy to make characters for everyone. I decided to make a magic man which I hardly ever do and then I forgot to only take spells that don’t have a saving throw so for the first 3 sessions my character literally accomplished nothing because everyone always makes their save. Always.

I don’t want to be one of THOSE players but I’ve grown to mildly loathe pre-packaged adventures. I get it, nobody wants to spend time making an adventure at our age but it’s all just – go to this dungeon and kill shit to find the map to the next dungeon, repeat until end boss. I also don’t want to be one of THOSE players who talks shit about their game behind everyone’s back but here we are.

This is supposed to be about positivity though, so I will say it’s fun anyway. Because it kind of doesn’t matter. I realize that now.

In conclusion they had first run movies on PPV the same day as theaters in 1957. Can you believe that? For $9.95 you got 13 first run movies a month and all the movies from past months. That’s a hundred bucks in today’s dollars.

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  1. I, too, am not a fan of pre-made adventures. I find them too rigid. D&D does them better than Shadowrun, but when I always here the same ones played over and over again, I can understand them feeling a little dull.

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