Spirit in the sky

Rusty told me about the other places of power they visit on their patrol of Route One.  He knew about Ithaca but they don’t go there because it’s bad ju-ju.  Pardon my use of a technical term.  Mount Kineo in Moosehead Lake, Maine and a place out of the woods in and around Saltville and Abingdon are their mainstays.  He said there’s a place in Montreal too, does Route 1 go into Canada?

In talking to him I realized something that might be important.  Or it could be pointless.  Vampires, werewolves, shadows of the dead, whatever, they all used to be people.  Spirits aren’t people and they never were.  With all due respect to the Spirit of Route 66 even though they live in the same world as us they really don’t. 

They’re like aliens.  There’s no reason to apply human thinking or behavior or logic to them.  On the same hand there’s no reason to expect that they understand us any better than we understand them.  The Professor told me one time that he doesn’t think that “ghosts” necessarily know how badly they scare people.  They may just be trying to communicate.

It made me think about the spirit inside Eterno, the “soul corruption” as the old man in the wheelchair called it.  I said that Eterno was possessed but that’s not accurate, that spirit was put in him by others to fuck up his program.  It was trapped.  It may have been as fucked over in that scenario as he was. 

I believe in evil 100%.  I’m not a person who says there’s really no such thing.  There sure as fuck is.  But I wonder if that particular evil spirit was more of a victim than I thought.  I don’t know what spirits do when they’re not trapped inside luchadores but it’s probably better than being imprisoned in a meatsack. 

Route 66 is an even better example.  Raymond Pine, intentionally or not, trapped it and then fed it and made it powerful and then took that all away and left it to wither and die.  Which doesn’t excuse serial murder but maybe this all isn’t what I thought it was. 

Maybe it’s all spirits.  Maybe vampires are unwilling hosts to blood spirits.  Maybe werewolfs are stuck with wolf spirits. 

Better check out a couple episodes of Ghost Whisperer and find out.

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