The long walk

Huddie claims that he doesn’t know how to drive.  I know that he can.  I’ve ridden with him.  I’ve seen him ram a police cruiser.  He was sitting in a car when I found him.  If you don’t want to drive just say so.  I don’t like anyone driving my car anyway. 

A quick nine-hour drive later and we were at Earhart Campground in Bristol.  The spot we approached was the temporary home to an old Winnebago, an old van pulling a trailer camper, and a couple of bikes.  Based on all that equipment we were worried that could have been a whole bunch of people but there were only five of them.

Lately I’ve been trying to write more dialog.  Tell you as best I can remember what people said and what I said.  I think it makes posts easier to read.  This time there were way too many people talking and if I tried to write all that it would take 50 posts and be boring.

The people that messed with the swamp site are like me, only a group.  They travel around doing magic stuff.  There’s a better way to say that.  I’ll think on it. 

They said they’ve liberated native artifacts from museums, Ellie has native heritage and helps get that stuff back to their rightful owners.  They fought spirit-ridden in Jacksonville, which sounds like what Eterno was.  They also said they had killed a nest of vampires in Baltimore. 

That one didn’t sit right with me.  Vampires are victims.  They need help not to be murdered.  I didn’t say anything about that because things were going well.

They said they didn’t know about the wards.  I believe them.  They thought they were recharging at a place of power not almost setting a monster loose.  More importantly Adelaide believed them too.  They sincerely were apologetic about the mistake.  I was there too and I just felt the power, I didn’t know it was holding down Godzilla either.  The Knights Templar should put up a sign.

The only one of the group I didn’t like was Waltyr, who not only spells his name with a Y but also pronounced it Valter.  That’s not why I dislike him.  I dislike him because he doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of them.  He’s a huge white dude who says he’s a modern Viking.  The other four are chill but this dude is very aggro-muscle-bro.

They used to travel all across the country getting into magical scenarios but they will heard the voice of the US Route 1 over the radio and made a deal with the spirit of the road so now they just go up and down the coast.  I might not have believed that part if I hadn’t had my own experience with Route 66.  These people aren’t serial killers so this US 1 must be happier with its spirit life.

They were in Bristol for a show.  A music show not a wrestling show, they’re band.  When I asked them what their hand is called they said they didn’t have a name since they’re not trying to get noticed.  They travel up and down Route 1 playing wherever the beer is cheap and they don’t really care who shows up.

I get that.

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