Amazing Grace – Does Love Forgive?

Since this was supposed to be about love I don’t know if there’s any reason to tell how the other part ended but I might as well close the loop on what I started. 

Henry Fong picked up Cura and violated all her rights, holding her illegally until the next morning.  I tried the spirit removal techniques I knew while he leaned in the door to the cell she was being illegally detained in and smile at me like an asshole. 

None of them worked just like he said they wouldn’t. 

“You really have no idea what you’re doing do you?” he asked smugly before continuing on smugly “Time for the Evil Dead treatment Grace?  Which hand do you masturbate with?  Should I fire up the chainsaw?”

“I don’t know what that means but I’m sure it’s hilarious.  Can you keep her here for a couple of days?”

He snorted “I can keep her here forever if I want to, I can do anything.”

I don’t fall into the All Cops Are Bastards category but I think police ego plus magic ego is too much for any one man.  I don’t know if there are any other magic cops out there but I’d like to meet them and see if they’re assholes too.  Being that “special” probably generates a lot of assholery.

I remembered reading Royale’s mentioning a woman in his notes who had cut off her hand to increase her skill with spirit magic.  Sometimes when I want something from Royale’s truck  it happens, like magic you might say, to be right on top of his notes.  Other times I have to dig through it all and look multiple times, waiting for the content to change.  I wonder if that’s the trunk trying to tell me something. 

When I finally found what I was looking for I saw that Royale wrote that he was very impressed with the dedication of this young lady, mutilating her flesh for the cause of magic.  I acknowledge that I have put Royale on a pedestal and probably built him up too much in my mind.  I think its fine because he was a good man. 

That is one of the only times I found his words disturbing.  Sacrificing your body for magic doesn’t seem like something he would have approved of just in general.  Setting that aside, how is that different from blood magic?  If there’s a line there I think it’s one that may not matter.

A problem with Royale’s documentation is that there’s no contact methods for any of his friends.  Mostly because a lot of it takes place before technology was invented and everyone involved is dead or super old. 

I asked Kelly the Queen of Diamonds if she could talk to with Miju Mistress of Miracles if she knew anyone in Royale’s circle of magic friends that only had one hand.  It was a slender thread but it was the only one I had. 

Kelly told me “I can ask her but Miju doesn’t like you much.”

“She’s never met me” I protested.

“I think she doesn’t like the idea of you.”

What the fuck does that mean?

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