It’s hard to stop someone running away without hurting them

There was an interior door in the Prometric suite with a security badge door and to get to the back you have to go around the entire block so I thought I had lost Dale.  Then I saw him coming around the front to the parking lot running right by my car. 

I shouted I wasn’t there to kill him, that I just wanted to talk, but he jumped in Jeep Grand Cherokee anyway.  I hit the Cherokee with a malfunction spell and then he jumped right back out just as quickly when it wouldn’t start, taking off running down the street.  He’s fast on his feet I tell you that.

I chased him down because I’m faster and with no other ideas I body checked him into the pavement.  He ended up hitting the ground a lot harder than I intended.  I forget how unused normal people are to slamming into the ground.  They’re no good at it.

When I reached out to heal his concrete busted bloody face he shrunk away like I was going to spray him with acid. 

“I’m not going to hurt you” I said.   

“You already hurt me!” he countered. 

“That was an accident” I explained “I’m not here to hurt you more.”

In a confusing rush of words he told me that he was “out of the game” and that he got a legit job and he didn’t bother anyone anymore. 

“That’s good, that’s good that you’re not with those guys anymore” I said patting him on the knee “Before you left the black magic evil club did you guys kill Huddie?  I haven’t been able to get in touch with him so I thought that maybe you guys had murdered him.”

Dale swore up and down that he didn’t know anything about Huddie or them or anything.  And also that he never killed anyone. 

I nodded “Sure, that time I was in your house, to save the girl you kidnapped and were threatening, you were just going to scare me with that gun you pointed at me, you would never kill anyone.  And the knife you were eye-fucking but couldn’t get to?  You just wanted to show it to me I bet.  No killing for Dale, no sir.  Just kidnapping and torture.”

He got a hard look in his eyes “I won’t beg.  I won’t beg for my life.  Do what you’re gonna do.”

I helped him up “Dude, I told you, I just want to know where Huddie is, I’m not here to murder you.”

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