Fancy folk call it provenance

Aunt Kate’s claims to be over 100 years old.  Is that possible?  Could a restaurant be around for that long?  There’s a plaque on the wall that says the owners have been in Saint Augustine since 1768.  Said they came from Menorca which I’ve never heard of before.

I don’t know about the historical accuracy of the place but I can tell you that the low country boil and the seafood platter are both good.  While I was stuffing my face Adelaide ate three shrimps and stared at me.

“Don’t” I says to him.

“I wasn’t going to say anything” he protested.

“Yes you were.”  I took a drink of my Painkiller – Wicked Dolphin Spiced Rum with Pineapple, OJ and a splash of Coconut Créme – also good, “Are you going to tell me what the fuck I’m doing here or are you just going to sit there and watch me eat?”

He eyed me “Are you sure you’re magic?”

I couldn’t help but laugh “Pretty damn sure.”

He looked at me for another long while “I never heard of a woman doing magic before.”

I frowned harder back at him “Really?  Never?” He shook his head “We must run in different circles.  What’s the job?”

“What do you know about the Knights Templar?”


He nodded sagely “In the year 1119 300 pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem were massacred.  They had been weakened by their Lenten fast so couldn’t even run away when they were attacked.  Outraged by this horror 9 knights took a holy vow to . . .”

“So this is a religious thing?” I asked, rudely interrupting.

“The Knights Templar are a monastic order.  The Council of Troyes in 1128 established that . . .”

“Look” I said being rude again “I don’t want to be a bitch here but do I need to know all this history for whatever we’re going to do?  Is it necessary for me to know all this to accomplish the thing?  If we’re starting in 1128 I feel like that’s a lot of ground to cover to bring us up to now if you’re going to go over everything in detail.”

He seemed disappointed “I guess not.  I thought since there are so many conspiracy theories about the Knights Templar and groups out there claiming to be spawned from the Knights Templar you’d want to know the truth.”

“I never heard of the Knights Templar so it’s fine.”

“Never?  Are you sure?”

I couldn’t help but smile a little “Like I said I think we run in different circles.  Do you like wrestling?”

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