I’m coming for you Necronomicon Ex Mortis

Until I thought about it I hadn’t realized how many magic objects I’ve found.  Found and destroyed.  

Royale’s notes are funny sometimes.  One time he says that’s it’s impossible to categorize magic and then he lists some categories.  

According to him there are four kinds of magic things.  Talismans, which let non-magic people do magic like the frat boy skull chokers; Foci, which are magic batteries for real casters like the Gobel nail-blob-art thing; Charms which are batteries and also enhance the magic of the user like Crane’s staff.  Calling them charms sounds silly to me but they’re the most powerful.  Generally.

The last kind of thing is stuff to enchanted to be better at doing what it does.  A sword that cuts better or doesn’t get dull.  I don’t think I’ve met one of those.  Per Royale they’re usually weapons but they could be anything.  You could make a magic table that’s better at being a table.  

These categories are not hard and fast.  Many mystical objects can do more than one or all of these things or some other stuff. 

I’m pretty sure that the severed finger is some kind of attack magic charm.  I don’t know what the screwdriver is supposed to do.  Nothing good I’m certain.

Doesn’t matter now because neither of them do anything anymore.  I drained the magic from them to power up.  I wonder if blood mages are as horrified by me doing that as I am about their human sacrifices and torture and horror and murder. 

They could think that’s there are 8 billion people in the world and how many magic relics are there?  Not many.  So murdering a few people is not as bad as wrecking the magic sword of whatever.  It’s a numbers game right? 

I hope they don’t know about me and what I’m doing because I like saying alive, but if they do know I hope it pisses them right off.  I’ll destroy all the Excaliburs and Aladdin Lamps and Beowulf Shirts and Swan Cloaks in the world to save one person you fuckers. 

Between the stupid helmet and sword Mihlam gave me and the stuff I stole from Gary I was able to drain enough energy to summon the creature that ttack me and trap it in another stone that I got from around Gary’s pool. 

Another anti-climax I know.  Maybe I’ll try to write up what happened tomorrow more interestingly. 

Probably I won’t.

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