One at a time

Merlin said that he didn’t know of anyone in Their employ that could be controlling the spirit.  I think he’s lying.  I told him that and he ignored me. 

“You don’t trust me, I get that, but you have got to know that you work for bad people.  They shouldn’t have this power.” 

He shook his head resolutely “How can you say that, they’re trying to make REDACTED safer.  I’ve seen some bizarre stuff in this town, they’re trying to protect us from that.  That’s what government is supposed to do isn’t it?” 

“They just want money, they don’t actually care about helping anyone.” 

He shrugged “As long as the end result is making people safer it doesn’t matter what their motivation is.  If things only got better because of actions people take with pure motives we’d still be living in caves.” 

I shook my head back at him “They aren’t making things safer for everyone.  They’re picking and choosing who gets the benefits.  This isn’t about protection, this is about their personal power.” 

“So they’re evil but you’re a saint who’s really is trying to protect everyone right?  That’s why I should tell you all my secrets?” he said in a mocking tone that made me want to smack him. 

We went around like that for a while.  If anyone had been listening to us they would have thought we were both crazy.  That’s true for most of my conversations.  We got nowhere slowly.  Eventually he asked me what I was going to do with him. 

“What are you talking about?” 

“Aren’t I your captive?” he asked. 

I gestured to the wall of drink dispensers next to the beer cave “You’re in a truck stop.  You want to leave, leave, I didn’t kidnap you, I saved you.  You want a ride I’ll drop you off wherever you want.”  He got up from the table “You want me to fix your balls before you go?” 

He stopped dead “You can do that?” 

“I can try, I’ve never dealt with poisoned testicles before so I can’t promise it will work.  If they were planning on killing you anyway after they tortured you they may have used a chemical that can’t be fixed.” 

In flagrant disregard of the many signs saying that the shower-pods are ONE AT A TIME ONLY I forked over another $15 and we went in together.  Merlin got weird on me then about exposing himself.  I suppose I should have been more empathic but I was too tired and pissed off to care about his embarrassment. 

“Look, I don’t give a shit about seeing your dick man, if you want my help you have to drop ‘em.” 

I don’t know which worked, if either, but after the cleansing spell and the healing spell his nutsack at least turned back to a normal human color.  He yanked his pants back on before I could even get a good look at the results. 

“Thanks” he said with a death drip on his waistband. 

“Sure” I said washing my hands “you should probably still have them checked out by a doctor though to be safe.  Not one who’s part of the Catholic Health Initiative.” 

“Okay” he said still gripping on tight. 

I dried my hands off and turned to him “You want to see if they still work?” 

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