Never say goodbye

“What did you do with the body?” Lucien gave me a worried look that I wasn’t supposed to see.

I shrugged “It’s a body, why would I do anything with it?”

He gave me a hard look that I was supposed to see “Because she was your friend.  It’s the least that you could do.”

“Actually as it turns out the least I could do is nothing.  A body is just rotten meat.  I left it where it dropped, just like you do with a piece of shit.”

He shook his head in disgust “What happened to make you like this?  You don’t have put on an act all the time.  No one cares.  No one is watching.”

“Everyone is always watching me.”

Martialla and I had retreated into the underground facility because it seemed like the Invincible were going to overrun our position.  Waking up Lucien’s fellow bio-corpses to try and fight them off was a move born out of pure desperation.  So you can imagine my surprise and embarrassment when instead of a rampage horde of Invincible killers pouring in to murder me and violate Martialla’s dead body it was my own people who came down to find me.

When they showed up I first assumed they were doing the Alamo thing like I was but as a matter of fact we had won the battle.  The tide had turned while we were underground.  How humiliating.  It’s like launching a life raft and then you look back and see that the damn ship isn’t even going to sink.  I’m sure Martialla is glad that she’s got her face blown off so she wouldn’t have to deal with the shame. 

As I hear it the 127s and their six antique fighting vehicles really did some damage but what turned the tide at the crucial moment was the Lady Jesus people and their rolling firebombs.  They built those vehicles to be some kind of giant flame thrower on wheels thing but once they figured out how easily they blew up when anyone shot them in the ass it turned into more of a kamikaze situation.  They’re all gone now but they did their thing at least once.

After the battle the facility was excavated completely and more than half of it was crushed with everyone inside dead or all the equipment ruined.  The final tally was forty-five soldiers and three hundred and fifty-eight support staff pulled out of the ground and revived along with twelve functional APCs, twelve man portable artillery units, two hundred and ninety one submachine guns, six thousand three hundred and fifty riles and more than six million rounds of ammunition.  Along with a bunch of miscellaneous other stuff, tents and water purification crank machines and all the other high-tech survival stuff that nineteen eight-two had to offer. 

Is it enough to change the course of the war?  Lucien thinks that it might be, depending on what is going on out east where the Invincible plane came from, which he thinks is going to be the wild card in this conflict.  Depending on that and on a thousand other things.  He really needs to figure some things out if he’s going to come out on top in this fight to the death.  Between you, me, and the lamppost I don’t know if he has it in him.  Given the circumstances he’s done a hell of a job, but supreme allied command isn’t what he was trained for.  Hopefully one of the guys that just came up is a Major or something and can take over for him.  I wish him well.

I’m not going to stick around to find out.  I’ve had it.  I can’t take any more of this shit.  Martialla getting her head blown off like a stupid idiot is part of it, but realistically this decision has been a long time coming.  I don’t belong here.  I’m an actress and a singer.  Whatever my part in this mess is I’ve done it.  I’m done. 

It probably seems like a real bitch move to start a war and then walk away from it, but really what do I have to offer to this effort anyway?

I leave this journal so that future generations will know my heroic story.  Thanks for reading.  And remember, J-Lo sucks. 

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