Amazing Grace – Does Love Forgive?

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a real fight.  I’m more of a sucker puncher, or a backjumper as the old timers in the biz would say.  I never liked fighting, I’m not one of those sorts, I wonder if there are women who are of if that’s purely a dude thing, but I’m starting to lose my taste for it altogether.  Maybe I’m developing some kind of PTSD. 

Henry Fong for sure knows magic.  He touched one of the bodyguards lightly on the chest and he collapsed like he was having a heart attack.  Maybe he was having a heart attack.  I should learn how to do that spell, then I wouldn’t have to grapple with these dickheads until I can choke them or bash them so much they stop moving. 

Henry Fong didn’t do shit to help me either.  After he gave his guy the hand of doom touch he chased after Santiaga DeSoto (real name Brenda Mullens) and left me fighting for my life against the other two.  How did I end up as the muscle in this buddy cop pairing?  Sure I’m maybe 7 inches taller than him but help a girl out!

Brenda Santiaga has a panic room.  A panic room that has more stuff in there than I think I own altogether.  It was easy to fritz the door because it was all electronic.  My malfunction spell opened it right up.  If she had just had a big sturdy door with a mechanical lock we would have been screwed but she went high tech.  Good news for us. 

She was in the process of loading a gun when the door opened.  I’ve seen some looks of terror in my day and the look on her face was a top 10 terror look.  Henry Fong made a claw shape of his hand and she fell to the ground and doubled up like a wolf was ripping out her guts.  I know from pain and she was in in a bad way.

“What the fuck did you do to her?”

“She’ll be fine” Henry Fong said dismissively as he looked around the room.

I saw it before he did.  There was a desk in there with a little red book sitting next to a laptop.  I don’t know French or Latin but I recognized the name on the spine from Royale’s notes, Litanie de Sang, a book of bad magic. 

I picked it up and I could tell that Henry Fong was half a beat away from trying to snatch it out of my hand.  He thought better of it but I could see the wheels turning behind his eyes.  He didn’t sound it out loud but I knew he was thinking “I’ll get that later”.

Henry Fong dragged the faith healer by the hair out of the panic room and dumped her in the shower where he started stripping her clothes off.

He gave me a cool look “I’m going to hose the shit off of her, plus women are more likely to answer questions when they feel vulnerable.”  Before I could say anything he reacted to the look on my face “What do you think Grace?  She’s just going to tell us what she knows?  You did your part, you found her, you can leave this part of to me if you don’t want to see it.”

“We don’t even know that she did anything.”

“Sure we do” he said pinning her head down with his forearm while he yanked her pants off.  He saw me sizing him up.  “What?  You’re going to bust me up now Grace?”  He grabbed her hair again and turned her face towards me, her eyes rolling terror “She’s the enemy here, not me.”

That’s when Addie called.


  1. So, I’m confused. This is a story. And you have a section for ongoing stories. And then another section for some other kind of story? and then this “Other” which I thought was non-story stuff.

    Can you walk me through your various sections again please? I thought I understood from our last conversation but obviously I missed something.

    1. You didn’t miss anything, the site is poorly organized. I have two ongoing stories on the main page, and a section for “other stuff” including one off stories. Specifically in this case a spambot called the Grace story contemporary romance so I decided to write one. On the menu there’s links to my old stories. My goal wasn’t to make it impossible to navigate but that’s what I achieved.

      1. Thank you for explaining. I’ll try to figure out how to tell your non-story posts from your story posts then 😀

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