Blunt force trauma

When I first thought that I might be in trouble I didn’t want to noclip away because I didn’t want to leave Merlin there with them to get hurt worse.  And at that point I was worried too because who the hell knows where I would have ended up and had to try and get back.  Later by the time I knew I was in trouble and no longer cared about Merlin or being lost I was too fucked up to do it.  Too late again Gracie.

I doubt anyone reads this for a blow-by-blow recounting of my occasional fights so I won’t bother.  But I don’t know why anyone does this read this so here’s a little taste. 

They were smart enough to try and control my arms.  Clearly Merlin wasn’t their first kidnap because they work together well in that way.  One of them was striking me on the back of the head but it didn’t amount to much.  I’ve been hit harder by working punches that weren’t meant to cause damage. 

I tried to cast 42561’s strength spell but it was too late for that too by the time I tried.  It’s hard to cast a spell while you’re grappling with three people.  It’s possible, because you should be able to do any spell without needed the “theatrics” that we use as crutches.  But in the middle of a fucking brawl wasn’t the time for me to learn that lesson.

As soon as I’d throw one of them off of me another would jump in again.  I managed to get my knee on the side of Robin’s leg and push it down to the ground.  I heard a snap and a scream and for half a second I thought I had things turned around.  Just two?  I can handle two of them I thought.

Then they did something even smarter.  One of them hit me in the back of the head with an object.  Always a good move to grab a weapon when you don’t know how to throw a good strike.  I don’t know what it was.  It was metal.  It was heavy.  I don’t know why they would have had an oxygen tank but that’s what I would guess based on being bashed with it.  Put that reality show on Fox.

A second blow from whatever it was sent me down to the ground ready for the kicking and stomping to get started.  That’s the worst part.  As long as you stay on your feet enthusiastic amateurs can’t hurt you too much just with their hands.  Most people can’t throw a decent people.  Everyone knows how to kick the shit out someone when they’re defenseless on the ground.

It’s a skill humans are born with.  Ducks swim.  Deer run.  Bats fly.  People cause pain.

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