The Amazingly Stupid Grace

I thought about using my finding spell on Merlin.  I thought about staking him out and seeing who or what he would lead me to learn.  I wonder how they found him.  Social media probably.  You can find anyone with social media.  They just tell you where you are. 

It’s a real accomplishment not to have much confidence in yourself and still be overconfident.  I manage it though.  Oops, there I go again.

They were injecting something into Merlin’s scrotum to cause pain.  They had given him muscle relaxers so he wouldn’t thrash around and break any bones while they tortured him.  He could still feel pain though.  They made sure of that.  This method is something that works very well for them usually but this time they weren’t happy with what Merlin was and wasn’t telling them so they called me in for a torture consult.

They asked me if I had a spell for this kind of thing.  They asked it with an attitude like they were debasing themselves to ask me about it.  Or like they were doing me a favor by talking to me at all.  They were torturing a man and they looked at me like I’m a worm in their salad.  I am so sick of that shit. 

I told them to let him go.  When it was clear that they weren’t going to do that I went to unstrap him and pull his fucking pants up myself.

I knew Franny would come at me first.  I see guys like that all the time, bullshit fake tough guy assholes, but it’s rare for women.  I’m sure she’s trained in kickboxing or some other martial art.  I’m also sure that she was never in a real fight before that moment.  Grabbing some dork with rose tattoos off the street with your three besties backing you up?  That’s one thing.  This here?  Something else.

One thing about fighting, there’s a huge difference between having 0 and 1 under your belt. 

I think she was trying for an arm/hip takedown.  I threw her into the wall so hard I thought I might have accidentally broken her neck. 

There were only 4 of them and they didn’t have magic.  I never even thought about them as a threat to me. 

How stupid is that? 

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