8 things you may not know about Grabblings

  1. No one knows where Grabblings come from.  Some people think they appear when a goblin is lonely or bored, or when a goblin is being too mischievous and needs to learn a lesson itself.  But no one knows for sure.  Grabblings just appear.
  2. Grabblings are hard to catch but if you do get your hands on one they’re magically bound to answer one question for you.  Unfortunately, Grabblings don’t know much of anything.  In 1984 my uncle caught a Grabbling and asked him how they know English.  The Grabbling’s response?  “I thought you all spoke Grabbling”
  3. Grabblings are both terrified and fascinated by cats.  Grabblings have been observed petting sleeping cats, staying away at the full length of their long arms.  Their touch so soft that the cat doesn’t even wake.
  4. People think Grabblings live under beds or in closets but that’s just where they like to hang out.  They make their homes in empty bottles of salad dressing or BBQ sauce.  In a pinch they’ve been known to sleep in old Cool Whip containers.
  5. Some people think that the Grabbling’s notorious long flexible arms have no bones in them at all.  Other insist that they have dozens of small bones linked together like a chain.  When reached for comment Emily Deschanel said “What?”
  6. If a Grabbling is giving you too much trouble you can distract them from pinching and grabbing with Knickerbocker Glory.  However, unlike gremlins that will leave you alone play with puzzle boxes for hours, Grabblings forget about it pretty quickly.
  7. Grabblings ruined the tooth economy.  When children put teeth under their pillow for the teeth fairies Grabblings grab them which means the parents must pony up the money since there’s nothing for the teeth fairies.  The teeth fairies in turn have no reason to go out looking for teeth.  “The whole industry is in the toilet because of those idiots” remarked one fairy.
  8. Some people think Cheddar Goblin is actually a Grabbling.  That’s silly.  Cheddar Goblin isn’t real people.

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