Toni sent me a link to files about the Neu-Licht-Oase.  The vigilante nursing corps must have an arrangement with law enforcement.  Maybe more than that, I heard on Law & Order that nurses and cops get together all the time because they both work funky hours and deal with heavy shit.  Law & Order wouldn’t lie to me.

NLO was a splinter group from whatever the Swede had going on and featured ties to the white power movement and an outlaw motorcycle club.  I think Patsy was in on this from the ground floor.  The files aren’t complete but it sounds she was brought here illegally when she was underage.  Understandably she doesn’t want to talk about it and I don’t have the skills to get it out of her without being an asshole.  Or even with being an asshole probably.

There wasn’t anything in the police records about magic rocks or anything like that, which makes sense because why would there be? 

I wrote out a timeline of the rock from when Royale encountered it until when I destroyed it and considered the gaps in the timeline.  Which accomplished basically nothing.  I suck at investigation.  I need to take a class online. 

I also need to be more careful with who I tell what information.

Toni texted me to meet up with them at a ranch house outside of town.  It didn’t look abandoned but it didn’t look like anyone lived there.  I had a bad sense of déjà vu going down into the basement.  If made me think of the detective.  Finding here laying there with her fucking throat slashed.  Facedown in a fucking suitcase lined with plastic.  

Gary didn’t want to get blood on this carpet.

They were all down there.  Merlin was there too.  He was strapped to one of those boards they use to immobilize someone to put them a stretcher.  His pants and underwear were down.  He wasn’t moving much or struggling but he was slick with sweat.  His breathing was all fucked up.  It was his eyes though.

Pain and fear yeah, but there’s a certain look people can get in the eyes when they’re helpless and hopeless and they know that things are only going to get worse.  I hate that look.  If I’ve done anything with my life I hope that I’ve prevented one person from having that look in their eyes one time.

“What is this?” I asked.

“Information gathering” said Franny “Like Google.”

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