It’s easy.  Did I see what I think I just saw?  No.  Just a trick of the light.  Maybe somebody slipped me something at the party.  I haven’t eaten anything all day.  I had a weird nightmare and was still half asleep.  I’ve been working too hard.  I’ve been drinking too much.  Low blood sugar probably, I should call the doctor and set up a physical.  

Did I just see that?  Nah. 

I can go on being normal.  I can keep being sane.  I can go to work tomorrow and not worry about monsters or magic or cults or zombies or demons.  The world is what I always thought it was.  Everything is fine.   I’m not one of those sad pathetic mental cases in the National Enquirer that think Bigfoot got them pregnant or that Elvis is their garbage man.  Those people are losers.  I’m not a loser.  I just need to get some more exercise.   

My four new friends didn’t take the easy way out.  They didn’t take the denial road.  They decided that they had seen what they saw.  Which is tough enough, but then after that they also decided were going to do fucking something about it.  You have to respect that. 

Made me think of Dave and Jimmy.  They had the benefit of being young and drunk and having nothing to lose when they made that decision.  These women had lives.  And they took the plunge anyway.   I should check up on Dave and Jimmy.  I should see what they’re up to.

Maybe the religious angle helped the nurses make that leap.  They talked about being touched by the spear of destiny.  They said it was natural, they were nurses, a nurse’s job is help people.  This was just an extension of that.  Seems a big jump from giving out pills and enemas to supernatural hunter vigilante but it was a jump they made. 

Sadly for me their only advice for what I was dealing with was “burn it with fire”.  They claimed that they aren’t pyromaniacs but they talked about the cleansing power of fire a fuckton.  They said that fire is the only thing that the creatures of the pit fear.  Which is strange because you’d think if there’s anything that wouldn’t hurt demons from hell it would be fire. 

Even if fire can hurt it I told them that the thing I was dealing with could appear and disappear at will.  I said that I needed some way to bind it or trap it.  I asked Patsy if she could tell me more about the cult and their beliefs and the stone.   When she asked why it mattered I said that maybe there would be some information that could help me with a spell that would contain it long enough to try the burning method.   

I’m 99.99% sure I mentioned magic before that but they had a strong negative reaction like it was new information. 

“I’m sure we can solve this without resorting to witchcraft” Robin said after they were done giving me the shit-eye. 

“I’m not a witch if that helps” I said knowing that it wouldn’t.

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