Amazing Grace – Does Love Forgive?

Henry Fong was there to arrest Cura for murder.  Hearing this new she giggled like she was on Molly and said “oopsies!”

I was surprised to see him.  He was not at all surprised to see me.  I asked him what the fuck was going on.  He said that it was simple, he had an arrest warrant for Cura and he was going to take her in.  I told him this wasn’t a straight up murder, this was like what we dealt with before.  Not that he did shit about it last time.

His stance was that he didn’t care about any of that, he was here to arrest her and that was that.  I asked to see the warrant and he held up a folded blank piece of paper.  I wonder if it didn’t work on me because Mr. Petticord’s wards or because I wasn’t expecting anything.

“Nice try, I used to cast that spell all the time.  Are you even a real cop?  Is that why you did fuck all with the girl from Hong Kong?  Who the fuck are you?”

He tapped the badge on his long coat, the kind only cops wear.  Or wrestlers from the 90s.  Or kids who are way into knives.  The badge seemed real enough but the warrant was bullshit so I asked him again what was going on.  I told him we could work together on this.  I could see the wheels turning in his mind. 

The wheels landed on “Shoot Grace down like a dog”.  I jammed his gun before he cleared the holster, probably because of the long coat.  When I punched him in the liver he went down like he had never been punched before in his life.  I barely touched him.  Cura had her arms around her knees on the couch and gasped like she was watching a scary movie.

“You hit me!” Henry Fong gargled at me. 

“You tried to murder me!”

I think that was a good rebuttal.  I told him to tell me what was going on or I would clothesline his nutsack into his mouth.  Here’s a little insider tip.  If my threat makes no sense, like nutsack clotheslines, that means I’m bluffing.  When I threaten someone for real I do it in a way that makes logical sense.  For instance if I say “Stop grabbing me or I will put you in a joint lock until your shoulder dislocates” I mean that.

Once he was done being a baby Henry Fong said that Cura social media claims had been noticed and he was surveilling her until she led them to the person who had done it.  He saw me show up and decided that that person was probably me. 

“If you thought I was the one why were trying to fake arrest her?”

“I wanted to get her story first, make sure it really was you.”

I asked him who had noticed Cura’s post and sent him to spy on her.  He said that he really is a police detective but that he also has a side gig working “other stuff”.  He refused to elaborate like every fucking withholding magic asshole I’ve ever met.  When I asked why he gave a shit about Cura and her miracle cure and not the guy in Hong Kong turning air hostesses into zombie drug mules his response was to spit shout at me –

“That’s in Hong Kong Grace, what can I do about that?!”

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