Tis better to be hot or cold than lukewarm

I met Franny, that’s the name of George’s self-defense teacher friend, at the karate dojo where she has her classes.  Why do those places smell like dead fish and armpits?  Isn’t it mostly kids that do those lessons?  Do kids not wash?  Where are their parents?

I didn’t just meet Franny, I met her entire monster squad.  I was surprised to find out that they all work at Saint Luke’s.  I was surprised they were all women even more.  I was the most surprised that I recognized one of them. 

I don’t normally have a great eye/memory for faces but for some reason I recognized her immediately.  I saw her picture online a couple times when I was researching the cult that Ash infiltrated.  She was one of them.  

She must have seen in my face that I was mentally freaking out because she assured me that she wasn’t with them anymore.  She told me they didn’t exist anymore, thanks largely to Ash.  Before he stole the magic rock and went crazy he ratted them out so much that most of them went to prison and the cult fell apart. 

It put me on edge because seemed like too much of a coincidence to me to me but one of the other ones said that it was God’s will.  And some other stuff about God.  They asked me to pray with them in thanks.  Another one pointed out that’s not that strange of a coincidence, it’s not like there’s that many true magic cults out there.

I should give you the rundown.  Franny I mentioned, she was checking me out like she was trying to figure out how to take me down if she had to.  The cult one was Patsy and she had a strong southern accent.  The most Jesusy one was Robin and the more practical one was Toni.  She made a joke that I didn’t get about her name being the same as a guy on TV.

I was off balance for a couple different reasons but I told them what I was dealing with.  That’s when they told me what they had really done with the devil-woman. 

“George couldn’t handle the truth” Toni said “that’s why we lied to him.  You look like you can handle just about anything though Grace.  Are you willing to do what’s right here?”

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