Maybe they were

George and his fellow parishioner aren’t the kind of Christians who perform exorcisms.  I’ve learned the hard way that’s a big deal.  If you ask the wrong kind of Christian for exorcism help with someone who’s possessed they get real mad about it.  Like they might go to hell just because of you asking them. Maybe they will, I don’t know the rules.

George knew a woman that was the right kind of Christian for that kind of work.  She works for Saint Luke’s Health and he knew her from a self-defense program he organized.  George steeled himself for an awkward conversation to ask her for help with a demon.  Instead when he started out with his speech pussy-footing around with his lady-demon problem she cut him off and told him that she’s cool. 

George asked her what she meant by that and she explained that she and a group of her friends deal with this kind of thing.  He confirmed that this kind of thing meant demons.  She told him to give him the devil woman’s details and they’d take care of it. 

Just like that.

What she told George is that they confronted the woman, bibles in hand, singing sweet psalms to the lord, and they chased the demon out of her with their holiness.  Then they helped the confused unpossessed woman get into a program where she could recover from her ordeal.  That’s why she was never around anymore for George to see her.

That’s what she told George they did.

What they really did is burn her alive.

Oh, and the other parishioner that saw her was a guy named John Downey.  You might recognize that name because John Downey shot 20 people, 5 of them fatally, at a BBQ fundraiser event at the park because he claimed they were demons disguised as people.  He’s currently on death row.

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