WP has betrayed me?

After I read (or skim depending on the topic if we’re being honest and I feel that we are) my followed sites I used to go to SEARCH and WordPress would show me a bunch of random stuff, possibly the most recently updated sites? I never figured out what it was. Which is how I found most of the sites I follow now. Also it exposed me to lots of sites that had a post or two I liked but didn’t want to follow. Also it exposed me to the world of reverse harem fiction and how important it is to some people.

The last few days when I go to SEARCH it just shows me the same ten things, the exact same ten things. Did WP change something and take away my random enjoyment or did I accidentally fudge something up?

In conclusion I ran an RPG session for the first time in 4 years last night and it was great. But I don’t know if I’d do it again.


    1. About not wanting to run games anymore? I’m not sure I can articulate it. Even though a fun time was had by all I just think I’m done. This site is part of it maybe, my game group is too middle aged and jaded to care about things beyond getting at the table and fucking around, which is totally fine – but if I put my worldbuilding energy in a story here maybe a few people will like it. What rings in my mind is what one of my players said a while back when I was talking about the history of the campaign world “I just want to play a game man, I don’t need homework.”

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      1. That’s fair. It’s hard to find a group that will get as invested as the DM does in the story.

        I think I’d have a hard time writing as much if I were also running a game…and I’m already dissatisfied with how much writing I get done.

        You could try a low/no-prep game, but it admittedly doesn’t scratch the same itch, and sometimes players don’t want to try a new system for the exact same reason — too much effort.

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  1. WP has been “working on” the reader and I’ve seen people complaining about “tags” over on the forums, so I suspect some boneheaded code monkey decided to make something better that was functioning just fine before.

    But if you hang around wp long enough, they’ll get you in some way or another. That is about the only thing you can count on from them.

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  2. “Also it exposed me to the world of reverse harem fiction and how important it is to some people.”

    I can’t remember whether I found your site first, or the other way around, but I’m going to assume now that you found me first and that this is how.

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      1. I think that’s how I acquired most of my readers early on, so that makes sense. I had some Punky Brewster readers early on, too, but I don’t think most of those actually stuck around / interact.

        I usually read the pages of the people who interact with me, at least initially, because I figure that if someone enjoys my stuff, there’s a relatively good chance I’ll like theirs in return. I also want to learn from the other people who blog and fine tune my own preferences that way. I remember thinking that the first few Ela posts I read were really funny. Then every now and then you’ll throw a gut punch scene in there to keep me invested.

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