As You Know, Bob

I wonder if Royale using the word mystic to refer to the Russians means anything.  I know I’m what I am.  Witches are something else.  Maybe mystic is a type of magic too.   

The Russians that Royale and his friends went after were using the war as cover for their necromantic bullshit but the source of their magic power came from what Royale calls a soul splice.  Spirits can possess people but people can also use magic to trap them inside their body and use them to power their magic.   

Royale devotes a lot of pages to wondering if this technique is worse than blood magic or not.  His final conclusion, doesn’t matter, they’re both fucking evil.  He didn’t say fucking, that was me.   He wouldn’t say that.

An Assyriologist, which sounds like a pornhub category to me, found an old scroll in Iraq in 1820 which when translated was supposed to be a way to summon a horrible evil.  The Assman chuckled at how dumb ancient people were for believing in magic and sent the scroll to London for other ass-people to read.   

Then there’s a fuckton of pages where Royale tracks exactly who the Russians murdered to get the scroll and when they did it and how.  It was important at the time.   

At the final showdown in Crimea Royale and his team broke the Russian mystic’s soul splice, freed the evil spirits, and then bound them into the stone so they wouldn’t possess someone else.  Which would be a really useful thing to know how to do.  He doesn’t detail how they did it.   

I love Royale.  I am grateful I have his writings, but they can also be incredibly frustrating.  So much is left out because he didn’t have time or he assumed certain knowledge by the reader or for who knows what reason.  It’s like trying to put together a puzzle blindfolded.   

Sounds like I fucked up when I destroyed the rock.  I thought I was doing good but those 4 spirits in the rock were probably set loose instead.  And now the Redacted people have control of one of them maybe?   

Which is bad because they attach themselves to people like parasites and make them depressed and have bad luck and ultimately die.   If they do that enough they can cross over to our world and they’re just here.

If this was a show this would be the stupid scene where the sexy blonde lady finds out a bunch of shit at a library that’s only for the audience because it doesn’t help her at all.   

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