Money’s on the dresser

I don’t really have fans so this is something I’ve seen not experienced first hand.  There’s thing that happens in wrestling where you go to a bar after a show and a dude is there and he’s a BIG fan.  He comes over and fanboys out and he buys you drinks and he wants to be your buddy.   

Then later in the night he suddenly gets mad about it.  Even if you were nice to him.  “You think you’re better than me?” or “You think you’re so cool?” or something like that is said.  Then the guy that was sucking your dick a couple of hours ago wants to fight if they’re dumb, or keys your car if they’re smart.   

I felt like that once operation fuck up Darla’s program was over.  Which doesn’t make sense because the Investors have never been nice to me in the first place.  Our first date was them chaining me to a table for 24 hours.  But that’s what I felt.  Once they had Darla and her cult buddies in custody they wanted me gone.  NOW.  Even Merlin was giving me the cold shoulder, although I could tell he didn’t want to, he was just trying to fit in.   

“So what happens now?” I asked “You railroad them on some fake charges and lock them up forever or is this a take them out to the woods Miller’s Crossing type deal?” 

They wouldn’t tell me what came next.  All they said was it was time for me to leave.  I never felt more like hooker in my life.  In case you’re wondering it’s not a great feeling. I don’t know why I expected anything else from them but I still felt that way.   

Before they could fully give me the bum’s rush I said that my car had been wrecked by the supernatural monster that had been running around in their city until I defeated it so could they throw me a couple bucks to get some new wheels?

They dropped me off back at the park without any further conversation.  As that armored BMW drove away I thought about what Waldrum said about the bullet in the head retirement plan.  Getting involved with these people was not a good idea.   Not that I had much choice.

I could have just walked away from the outset but I thought I could do some good.   

I never learn.   

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