Best buds

Bringing Ginger Rock in wasn’t a good idea.  I thought he might still have some magic rattling around in him from the ghosts of the Confederacy but there’s nothing there.  He’s a dud.  He’s way up my ass about our “next mission” because he’s all jacked up on a magical contact high.   

I called the Investors and told them that I took Darla’s monster off the board for the time being and I was going after her next unless they told me not to.  I probably would have even if they told me not to but I didn’t tell them that.   

They asked me what I was going to do.  I said that I had already taken away her book and her magic tattoo-master and I was going to see what else she had that I could take away to stop her from working magic.   

“And what if she’s like you” whichever one of them was on the phone asked, one of the men based on the voice “what if she doesn’t need any tools?  What will you do then?” 

“I’ll figure something out.” 

“Will you terminate her if necessary?” 

“Of course not, that would be premeditated murder in the first degree.” 

“You brought in outside help despite having been specifically instructed not to.” 

“You knew I would, I can’t do this shit alone, you just said that to cover your ass with whoever gave you that file on me.” 

Whoever was on the other side was silent for so long I was about to hang up when finally he told me to wait for further instructions.  I told the others to bug out because I had a feeling they didn’t want to be in Redacted any longer.   

GR refused because he wanted more “action”.  Kim-Kelly refused because she wanted revenge for Bernal.  Chuck convinced them it was time to go.  So that’s two I owe him.  Before he left he doffed his stupid hat to me and said “no hard feelings about that Royale stuff yeah?”  So now I only owe him one because I didn’t stomp him for saying that which counts as one.   

A couple hours later Berner and Waldrum picked me up.  When they saw the carpet was all ripped up they joked I wasn’t getting my deposit back.  We all pretended to laugh.  They had their hands not on, but near their guns when they asked me if I was going to come with them. 

“Of course” I said “we’re buddies.” 

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