I read an Indiana Jones book about a unicorn once

I watched a trailer for Dial of Destiny.  Even though it’s time travel bullshit, which I can’t care about anymore, it looks not terrible.  I hope I like it. 

There’s a line in the trailer that perfectly sums up my very deep and well-thought out magic system in the Grace story – it doesn’t matter what you believe, it matters how hard you believe it.

Thinking back on things I recognize now the Star Wars prequels for the blessing in disguise that they were.  It was an early warning for me that a bunch of stuff was coming that I would want to like but couldn’t.  Phantom Menace was trying to teach me that things change.  I was six when I saw Star Wars.  And after that it mostly existed in my imagination, which happens to cater to my likes pretty well. 

It was a good lesson that I failed to heed at the time.  I had changed.  The world had changed.  The way movies happened had changed.  The way stories were told had changed.  It’s like when they changed the formula for Cookie Crisp and I didn’t like it anymore. 

Or like that time I saw Lucy Liu riding a four-wheeler in Kisatchie State Park with a crossbow on her back.  It was just a thing that happened in that moment.  It’s not going to happen again.

You guys know me, I try to keep it on the level.  I admit though, that it galls me somewhat that there’s a story on Wattpad about Harry Styles and Liv Tyler banging in a bathroom stall that’s been read 70 million times. 

On the other hand, I think, if I woke up tomorrow and the Grace story had been read tens of millions of times.  What would change?  Would anything in my life be different?  Would I feel better?  Would I feel like a real cool dude?  Would I be pretty?  Would I be rich?  In my mind I used to make fun of the people on my old blow site who would fight and scream and freak out over who was the “the top blogger” because there was literally nothing on the line.  Am I any better though? 

Liv Tyler is married anyway so hands off Styles.  Did you know that her birth surname is Rundgren.  You might think, that’s weird, the only other person I know with that is Todd Rundgren.  Well that’s because that’s her dad. 

Last night I finished watching through Deadwood for the Xth time.  It makes me sad every time when it ends.  Still.  I thought about the little kid who plays Sophia.  I assume she wasn’t allowed to watch the show.  I wonder what age she went back and watched it.  That has to be a weird experience, being on a show and not really knowing what it’s about until years later.  I wonder how many kid actors find out later they hate the show they were on. 

In conclusion I’m going to see Evil Dead Rise AT a movie theater.  It’s been a while since I went TO a movie.


  1. I was such a huge fan of the Indiana Jones franchise, for so long, and then Crystal Skulls came out and just insulted me. I wish the franchise ended after The Last Crusade. I really want to like The Dial of Destiny. The biggest positive that I took from the trailer is that the de-aging tech is really well done. I also kind of wonder whether the movie is an attempt to set the franchise up to continue on with Harrison Ford, even posthumously, using tech (AI, deepfake, voice mod, etc.) I don’t think that would be in bad taste if he gives permission for it while he’s alive. It might also explain how adamant he is about nobody else playing the character.

    But you’re right. Times change, things change, tastes change, etc. It’s also been long enough now since the Star Wars Prequel trilogy that even though I hated them at the time, I’m warming up to them in hindsight. Maybe I’ll like today’s drivel in twenty years, too.

    1. I want him to just keep playing the character and all future movies are him being old and sending out other people on quests, or they can deepfake it but he’s a ghost – which is the perfect set up for the Ghostbusters Indiana Jones shared universe. Also Jurassic Park and Terminator.

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