Amazing Grace – Does Love Forgive?

Addie and I would hang out after recording the YouTube shows and talk but we had a hard time coming up with “dates” at first.  He asked me what I like to do and I realized once more that I don’t really have any hobbies.  What was I going to tell him?  That when I’m not wrestling or at the gym I mostly spend my time on magic or get in way over my head with supernatural shit that often ends with someone dead? 

The other thing I do is listen to audio books which is not a couples activity.  When I mentioned the gym he did say he wanted to get in better shape so we could work out together but that’s not a good date idea if you ask me.  You’re in the same place but you’re not doing something together. 

In addition to not drinking Addie isn’t much of a wresting fan.  He just happened to be working for a production company hired wrestling company at the time.  He’s not a car guy either.  We didn’t have much in common to build on.

Despite all of that I had a good time with him.  We went for hikes in Burr Oak.  He took me bowling, which I had never done before.  We went roller skating, also a first for me.  We went golfing, do I need to keep saying everything I was doing with him I was for the first time, you know my background.  Aquarium, indoor sky diving, axe throwing, Worlds of Fun, distillery tour, Colonial Gardens. 

Mostly what we did was we talked.  I didn’t know that I could enjoy talking that much.  I just liked being around him.  I don’t have social anxiety I’m just not good around people.  With him it was easy. 

He was surprised by how easily I was able to pick up golf, he said “So you’re like a natural athlete huh?  Did you play sports in high school?” 

I told him that I didn’t go to school much.  The only time that it got awkward in our conversations was when he asked about my background.  It’s not that I care about talking about my history, it’s in the past I don’t give a shit anymore, it’s just depressing.  Who wants to hear that?  We’re trying to have a nice time, why would I talk about which of my foster “dads” tried to touch me and which ones were just assholes? 


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