When I checked my phone this morning I saw that the Investors cooked up a story about the tattoo girl having been kidnapped.  Which is true, she was kidnapped, but they blamed it on a sex offender rather than on their real estate super-PAC.  Since this is Texas I believe the guy they framed is eligible for the death penalty.  Which is bullshit but honestly it’s hard to get too worked up about it given what he’s done.

Since I’m always making a big deal about how I would never kill anyone that makes me a big fat hypocrite now that I think about it.  It’s okay for the state to kill people?  Because the government is so great and nice and never wrong about anything?  I need to think about that.

I wonder if the Investors have people in the media that help them with these cover-ups or if they’re being lied to also and are dupes as well.

What’s also bullshit is that I told the Librarian that I was going to destroy the book.  I don’t like lying but I know that she would feel obligated to try and protect it if she knew it was still going to be around and me telling her no way would have really fucked her up.  Lying is good when you’re protecting someone else right?

I called the Ginger Rock and asked if he had had any success in searching for more witch fuckbuddies.  He hasn’t so I told him that I needed to do some bigtime magic and he would have to do since there was no one better around.  He couldn’t get here fast enough, even though it meant missing shifts at Club Stallions Dallas.  From local government official to male stripper, I don’t know if that’s a step up or down.

I also called Kimberly “Killer Kelly” to ask if she had any other half-siblings or spirit-kinfolk that might be able to help out as well, but mostly to tell her about what happened to Bernal.  Even though I knew that would bring her to town with her 38 looking for revenge. 

Why did I tell her the truth and not the Librarian?  I don’t know.  I can’t really tell you.  I didn’t have to contact Kim Kelly at all.  It would have been easier all around not to tell her what had happened to her half-brother. 

All I can say is that lying to the Librarian felt right and not telling Kimberly felt wrong.  Read into whatever that says about me. 

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