In your future endeavors was implied

I dialed up fat hairy Jon Hamm of the Investors and told him that I had another idea to try with the tattoo girl.  He was adamant that whatever I was going to do had to work this time or there would be serious repercussions.  Like I was fucking around and failing on purpose just to annoy him.  I don’t think that was abnormal, I think that’s just what business people are like all the time with everyone.  I’m glad I don’t have a real job.

I met the Investors and their goons at 2 AM in the kitchen at a country club.  A kitchen that was half the size of a football field.  That’s more what I expect from a cabal of evil rich people.  When they dragged the girl with the tree tattoo into the room she was still in shackles and looked even worse than before.  She like she had been beaten. 

When I asked what the fuck they had done to her Walrus-Stache admitted that they had tried an exorcism before Fat Hamm and Curly Sue glared at him to shut up.  I had already decided that if my spell didn’t work I was getting her out of there anyway.  Seeing that made me also want to find that priest and see how well he could stand a good beating.

It did work though.  The amanuensis spell that I thought was worthless has saved my ass twice now.  I was able to transfer the ink from the poor girl back into the book.  I’m a moron for not thinking of that earlier. 

When the Investors asked me for the book now with the immortal demon spirit in it I told them I would be keeping it.  They said I wasn’t going to get paid unless I handed it over.  I told them that was fine.  They said they could take it from me.  I told them they couldn’t. 

They didn’t try. Not then anyway.

I also said that it was time for us to have a heart to heart about our relationship.  They said our relationship was done.  I went ahead and asked them why they didn’t they do something about Darla after the first time they brought me in.  I thought they were going to stonewall me again but Walrus-Stache said “like what?”

I told them about the creature that attacked me and killed Bernal, which I assume they covered up, and that it was my plan to do something about it.  I asked them what their thoughts were about helping me with that.

“That certain sounds ambitious” was Curly Sue’s response “we wish you good luck.”

Then they left.

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