Amazing Grace – Does Love Forgive?

Addie is pronounced Awe-D.  It’s supposed to be short for Adobo even though it’s basically the same length and not shorter.  Which isn’t even his name, but it’s a Pilipino chicken dish.   He’s not even from Philippines, his parents are from Indonesia and he was born in Nebraska.  Nicknames are stupid.

The first thing I remember him saying to me was “who’s your favorite artist?”  I told him I wasn’t really into art. He acted confused and then figured out what was happening and said that he meant music.  I told him that I don’t really listen to music.  Which is not true, I listen to music a lot, I just don’t pay attention to it.  Does that make sense?  I don’t know artists or bands, I just listen to stuff.

I feel like I’ve been typing “does that make sense” a lot to you people lately.  Sorry.  I’m trying my best.  Well, that’s not true actually,  I could try much harder.  I could learn how to write better but I don’t so I’m not trying my best.  I’m making an effort. 

Addie said something about me not being big on small talk and that was the first time we talked.  That’s the first time I remember anyway, he says we talked before that which is probably true. 

He worked for the company that did the production for the YouTube show.  I never figured out what his exact job was, he talked about file compression sometimes.  He also did lighting and built sets though.  Seemed to me like he did a lot of different things for them.

He was at the recording every Thursday and after a while he started coming to the live shows too.  We’d chat for a couple minutes backstage or after the show and that would be that.  One day while we were waiting while they rigged up a harness for us to fly down to the ring the guy who was working as Death in our “faction” asked me if I was ever going to go out with that “Bosnian dude”.  When I asked who he was talking about he said “AD” which is short for Addie, which is short for Adobo which is not even his name.

I didn’t know he was interested in going out with me.  I assumed he talked to everybody. 

I’ve been told that I don’t react normally to anything.  Which is kind of a shitty thing to tell someone.  It’s possibly right though because instead of being flattered my reaction was negative.  This guy didn’t know me so why was he interested in me?  Based on the way I look?  What the fuck is that about? 

Thinking it through though I realized that there has to be something, some initial thing, that makes you interested in someone, in wanting to get to know someone better.  If it’s not looks what is it going to be?  My witty social media insults?  My work as a wrestler?  What do I know about it?

After we were done with the shoot I asked Addie if he was interested in me or what he was doing.  That was probably too direct to be normal but what else was I going to do about it?  I think I had tone issues as well because he acted like he thought that I was mad.  We stumbled through that though and yes, he was interested. 

I resisted the impulse to ask him why. I’m come so far as a person!

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  1. 1.) LVOE? Don’t dead open inside?
    2.) Not picking up on social cues makes everything difficult.
    3.) Really hoping he’s the assistant director and the nickname thing is all a big misunderstanding…

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