NAL Quiet on the Western Front – Martialla’s boring war journal

After Fortykills abandoned her self-appointed post as allied commander Nate took control by general consensus.  (action item – learn why Madcat and Boss did not present themselves as leadership alternatives) Nate reported that in short order after the battle nearly 60 vehicles were repaired/re-built from the wrecks left on the fields outside of Hope and back in service. 

There has been no conflict of this size in memory of anyone in our force to confirm but this tactic must be a staple of modern warfare.  The vehicles in use are low-maintenance, largely modular, and generally carry no munitions.  This coupled with the high degree of value placed on them by the local’s means that can easily be repaired and put back into rotation.  Control of the battlefield will result in salvage that gives an even greater importance on post-battle action.

Recognizing the significance of controlling Interstate 80 Nate and the Road Runner leader Unta proceeded at all speed to secure Wyo.  Nate was able to muster 27 vehicles and their crews, half of them veterans of Hope.  The Road Runner numbers are harder to estimate, they did not maintain a cohesive body and half their number was made up of motorcycles and other individual small vehicles that are had to keep track of.  Best guess is 30 trucks/cars and three times that number of smaller vehicles.

The Invincible had already occupied and reinforced Wyo in strength and the attack was called off.  In speaking with him Nate admitted to me that this was likely an error born of timidness and he thinks now that an attack may have been successful and would have been the right move.

In the valley Nate and his forces observed that the Invincible have seized Nakoma Resort, which may indicate a previously unknown ability to deploy troops by air, and had blockaded the road to Gunmetal, Atomic Bomb, and Underground.  Why they didn’t attack those communities straightaway remains unknown.  Defcon City was under siege and Crow surrendered without a fight.

While Nate failed to act the Invincible took the initiative, attacking a series of shanty-folk, mud-farmers, mutants, along with the towns of Taffy, Mehair and Apjack, destroying infrastructure and fuel depots with a force of over 90 machines supported by 14 aircraft.  The aircraft were observed dropping no bombs, relying on strafing attacks only.  A second wave of attacks was focused on systematic destruction of the water supply and foodstuffs.

Nate moved his forces to lift the siege of Defcon City only to find that the Invincible had overrun the defenders hours before.  The Invincible took up a defensive position and Nate ordered an attack.  In the fighting nearly all the Road Runner forces were destroyed. Unta was killed in the battle. 

Invincible losses were light, if any.

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