Amazing Grace – Does Love Forgive?

(Last week a pretty good scambot or a pretty bad human scammer reached out to me about monetizing the Amazing Grace story because they had been reading it since day 1 and think it’s a great contemporary romance story. After I had a good laugh I thought to myself that if there’s one thing I’m great at its writing super romantic shit. So here we go.

I know what you’re all thinking, the AG canon is so carefully maintained and protected, is this story CANON OR FANON? We’ll see when I’m done writing it how many plot holes and contradictions there are. Also I make no promise that I’ll finish it.)

I watched part of a movie where a guy raises his daughter in the Russian wilderness because she was genetically engineered by the CIA to be an assassin.  He doesn’t want her to be an assassin, he wants to her to be normal, so he takes her where she has no human contact other than him and trains her how to be good at killing people.  Very normal.  I don’t think the dad was smart.  

The daughter gets loose and goes out into the world and she’s fucking freaked out because she’s never experienced anything.  It’s unclear to me how old she’s supposed to be.  Late teens maybe.  At one point she starts making out with a boy and then she karate slams him to the ground because she’s never felt things before and doesn’t know how to act. 

I stopped watching after that because I wasn’t into it anyway and my mind twisted that to be a personal attack on me.  Like the people that made that movie were saying “Hey you Grace, this is you, you’re a real freak!”  It’s illogical but that’s how I felt. 

A couple of times commenters have asked me if I’m ace.  My reaction to that was to say “no, of course not” but I’m not very interested in sex so maybe I am.  I’m sure a developmental psychologist would have some stuff to say about that.   

Last night at a 3ZW show in Loveland Black Rain, a huge dude in a BDSM priest outfit, asked me out of the blue if I had ever been in love.  I think he was realizing that he was in love for the first time and blurted that out to whoever was around, which happened to be me.   

A while back I was renting a place in Blue Springs with a joshi wrestler on excursion.  I never learned her real name because I’m an asshole but she was working as Razor Rita at the time.  I should try to learn how to speak Japanese.  I keep thinking that.  I think she might have quit the business after having to deal with American fans.  

I was working for Saint Louis Wrestling Club and Heartland America Sports Attractions under their brand of Freedom Underground.  It was pretty cool what they were trying to do.  Both companies ran their normal shows and then combined rosters for a separate “cinematic” co-promotion.   

What does that mean?  Wrestling is usually a live performance, even if it’s taped it’s live if that makes sense.  When it’s on TV it’s not really a TV show, it’s more like a live music performance that happens to be broadcast.  I’m not explaining this well but it probably doesn’t matter. 

In Free-U the promotion the matches were shot like a TV show, on location with sets built.  The action was choreographed and what happens was more scripted out to tell a story in a different way than wrestling usually does.  It was like an action-based TV show more than traditional wrestling.   

It’s a thing that I think big companies should do more but they probably don’t for the same reason Free-U didn’t survive, it’s too expensive.  There wasn’t enough money behind Free-U to make it good enough to catch on.   

Wrestlers have their own characters but for Free-U they hired you to play a different character. Like actors.   I wasn’t wrestling as Amazing Grace, I was wrestling as War in a 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse gimmick they were doing.  If you ask me Famine and Pestilence aren’t great wrestling characters but overall it was solid.  

I was one of the only people there hired to work for Free-U directly, mostly it was a combined roster from the two parent promotions.  I occasionally did spot shows for SLWC and Heartland Wrestling as Amazing Grace, mostly jobbing out, but my contract was with Free-U.   

I made the mistake of asking one of the office guys why they hired me and he said that they needed a woman who could work but wasn’t pretty or fat to portray the War character.  That’s a small pool to begin with and between WWE and AEW grabbing up most of the talent I was about their only option.   

Nice to be wanted.   

Free-U ran one show a week with an audience that was a normal wrestling show to keep as a sort of rehearsal and every Thursday we’d record the show for their YouTube channel that had all the storylines and theatrics.  I had to wear this stupid red mask that I hated but otherwise it was a good gig.  They kept saying I could lose the mask in a mask vs hair match but I was there for 9 months and it never happened.   

All this is background to when I met Addie.   

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