The Librarian told me that her mother wasn’t very nice to her.  She told me that for a while.  I hope I’m not getting jaded because I’m too young for that but often now in these situations where someone is giving me their backstory for why they fell into a bad situation I just want the person to get to the point.  She talked about her mom’s disapproval and bullying for a long time.

I try to be sympathetic.  I do.

Because of her mom she has low self-esteem and social anxiety and other problems.  Then she met these friends online who helped her to heal.  Friends = a pyramid scheme dressed up in the skirt and ponytail of female empowerment.  She was so happy.  Deeper and deeper in debt as her friends like her more and more, but she was happy.  People cared about her.  They believed in her.

“Let me guess, you went on a trip to a resort where they branded you and then watched you fuck a guy in an animal mask wearing robes and holding candles?”

She was surprised again, but not as surprised “Why did you ask if you already know?”

“I didn’t know I knew until you told me.”

That didn’t make a lot of sense but I stand by it.  She described participating in ritual magic.  She started sobbing again because she thinks she killed her mom.  One time when they were doing their ritual she wished that her mom would die.  When she got home mom was dead on the floor.  Choked on a chocolate cover almond. 

I told her that magic doesn’t work like that but I was just trying to make her feel better.  I have no fucking clue how it works. 

At her mom’s funeral the Librarian was approached by an older fellow who told her that she was going down a dark path and if she didn’t get off it soon there would be no turning back.  She asked him who he was and he said that he was a friend of her grandfather, the father not her mother but of her absentee father.

She met him in the park to play chess and this man chain smoked and told her that her biological grandfather was his friend Eduardo Mejia Torres.  I thought that Eterno’s pre-demon monster name was Mejia Torres, Mejia being his first name but that’s part of the family name.  I feel dumb now.

As Eterno and his brothers and this guy were fighting evil across the land they were also knocking up a lot of women along the way.  After she learned this the Librarian got semi-obsessed with tracking down her, what half-cousins?  None of whom where all that interesting really, with the exception of two.  A wrestler by the name of Killer Kelly (not that one but the other one) and a “witch-hunter” by the name of Bernal.

My mind was swimming at this point so I wasn’t paying 100% attention to her for a while, but I got the gist of it. 

On the advice of the old man, who’s the same mummy-looking guy that told me about Eterno if I didn’t make that clear before, the Librarian cut off ties with Darla.  Who is the local sales rep of the female empowerment cult if I didn’t make that clear before. 

Darla didn’t take too kindly to this.  After some of her goons busted into her house in the dead of night she contacted Bernal, the only person she knew who might know about magic and has guns.

“Where’s Bernal now?”

She started crying again and said that she thought he was dead.

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