Take a stand

I don’t play videos games.  Video games are stupid.  Lots of my co-workers love video games.  They love them so much I hear them complain about a tedious cycle of the princess needs you to find the crystal, and to get the crystal the seer needs you to find the magic globe, and to get the magic globe you need to steal the golden turnip for the mushroom king, and so on. 

I feel a little like that right now.  This is probably how the police investigate things.  This guy leads you to that guy who leads you to this other person and so on.  So that’s progress.  I used to never get to answers about anything. 

I tried my finding spell on Colt Python on a whim.  It worked but I wasn’t ready to tangle with him.  I tried the spell on the book that once had the tattoo ghost and that worked too.  I thought it was weird that it was in a library since Darla allegedly stole it. 

The satellite branch of the Redacted city library is nowhere near as nice as the Uris Library by McGraw Tower at Cornell.  Maybe the Redacted city main branch library stacks up better.

I followed the spell to the break room where the librarians hang out while they’re not doing what librarians do.  There was a woman in their drinking out of a mug that said “It was never a dress”.  I wonder what that means. 

“Do you work here?” she asked nervously as I went over to the cabinet/coat thing.

“Yeah” I said as I opened the thing and took an old leather-bound journal off a shelf. 

“Hey what are you doing?!  That’s mine!” she asked with alarm as I started to walk away with it.

“Not anymore” I said as I shut the cabinet and walked back towards the door. 

That’s when she hit me with the pepper spray.  I would have liked it better if it hadn’t come out of a hot pink canister, but still good for her.  Stand up for yourself.

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