I agree with everything he just said!

Sometimes when I post my thoughts and feelings instead of top quality fiction beloved by millions I think “dude what are you doing?  This isn’t Facebook, no one cares”.

Whenever a movie comes out and everyone posts review of that move I wonder what the point of being the 30,000th person to say that Tar is great is. 

A while back I started this story about a lady wrestler.  At that time I took a deep dive into the world of wrestling literature to see what was out there.  Not much as it turns out.  Shocking right? I found one novel that was okay and one trilogy of novels that was pretty good.

There was a comic book on Kickstarter that I backed that was wrestling AND magic just like Grace.  It came out a few months ago.  It’s decent. 

There was another wrestling comic book coming out I heard about called Do A Powerbomb.  I waited for the trade paperback to come out because what was I going to do, buy each issue?  That’s crazy.

The trade came out last week and I was surprised to find out that it’s also about wrestling and magic.  I guess a straight wrestling comic would be too boring? 

Everyone in the world who cares enough about wrestling and comic books and magic together has said that it’s fantastic.  Well I’ve read it now and it’s fantastic.  That’s my take. 

If you have any interesting in wrestling magic comic books check out Do A Powerbomb. 

Then start a campaign to have someone buy the idea for Grace for 3.5 million dollars and turn it into a comic book also. 


Sidenote, I found out that Wattpad has a 200 chapter limit.  Since I post each journal entry as a chapter I’ve run out of room.  It made me wonder once again “why am I doing this?”  Then I got over it and started a new story that I will fill up with 200 more chapters.  And then 200 more.  And then 200 more. 

And that’s how I earned my nickname Mister 200


  1. I was wondering about the split into a new story, but I just assumed it was advanced SEO tactics or something. I didn’t know about the 200 chapter limit either.

    You’d think people would demand a much higher limit so they can really flesh out all the ships in their Homestuck x Harry Potter fanfic.

    (Meanwhile I’m over in the corner, sweating profusely, veins popping out on my forehead, as I struggle to finish two chapters per month…)

  2. I think most content that gets out gets lost amongst the white noise of online activity, whether it’s a review of Tar or a brilliantly original short story. I just do it for meself, really, because I enjoy it. And keeps me occupied. And I shall be doing this for the next 70 BILLION years (or slightly fewer).

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