Trauma informed

I don’t usually get any pleasure out of hurting people.  Even if they deserve it.  I have my issues but that’s not one of them.  Beating up Katt’s therapist felt good.

I don’t have any issue with therapy.  Or I shouldn’t anyway.  A therapist has never done anything to me.  It may be a childhood thing I need to get over.  When you’re in foster care and deal with social services you have to talk to child psychologists sometimes.  They probably represent “the system” to me.  If you believe in that kind of stuff.

An asshole who is part of a cult and sent a girl that came to her for help to be assaulted is a special case.  Plus I barely even hurt her.  Not that you’d know that from the way she cried.  I try not to judge people for how they reaction to pain, that’s whatever the version of toxic masculinity is when a woman does it.  But it’s hard sometimes.  I blame society. 

I perused a book from her obligatory shelf of psychiatrist books about sexual deviance while she got herself together. 

“Are you a good therapist?  I mean were you a good therapist before you became a cult recruiting waste of human skin?  Because if you were a good therapist before I could use some advice on how to help people that learn about the existence of magic, a lot of them have a hard time with it.  When you learned that magic was real how did you deal with it?”

Dr. Feelbad claims that she doesn’t want to be doing what he’s doing, that Darla controls her with drugs and magic and sexual degradation.  I told her this was her chance to free herself, by telling me what was up. 

She says that the tattoo came from a book.  Literally.  Darla had her and her cult friends spend months on a process where you leech the ink from paper, then that ink was used for a tattoo one of her followers.  A tattoo that “came alive” after it was on his flesh. 

I can’t decide which would be weirder, if the book is or isn’t the same one Royale and his friends called La Lechuza. 

I asked her why Darla was so keen to get the tattoo onto Superstar, she said that didn’t know.  I bet she knows a little more but it wasn’t worth beating out of her. 

I told her I couldn’t have her warning her cult pals about me so it was time for her to go to an in-patient rehab facility where you can’t contact the outside world.  I would drive her there after smashing her phone and everything.  She thought that was a great idea.

She’ll probably check herself out the day after I leave and get in touch with Darla but what was I supposed to do?  Strangle her and bury her out in the desert? 

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