Bad times at the puking iguana

Baseball Boy said he didn’t know where Darla is.   He didn’t know where to find the girl that infected him with the It Follows tattoo either or even what her name was.  All he could tell me is the bar where they met. 

I didn’t see the name but that bar as a sign with a picture of a giant puking gecko.  I asked the guy behind the counter if he knows a dark-haired girl with a giant tree tattoo on her back.   Before he could answer I heard a female voice. 

“Are you talking about me?” asked one of the servers. 

Katt, who looked nothing like Baseball Boy described, was desperate to tell me her story.  She was having some problems.  So we went to therapy even though she can’t really afford it.  Her therapist agreed that she had some things that she needed to work on and turned her on to Darla and her group as a source of help. 

She went to a cult recruitment meeting and afterwards two men, one of whom sounds like the cowboy who was throwing Colt Python shots outside of Darla’s old cult HQ, grabbed her and kidnapped her to a garage where a shirtless man with large tattoo of a woman on his chest was hanging out. 

They ripped her shirt off and threw her up against the shirtless guy and the tattoo on him transferred to her, slithering onto her back where it changed to the tree.  Colt Python Cowboy told her that she was going to get very sick and would eventually die unless she passed it on to Superstar.  The good news was that he hung out at the puking iguana all the time. 

She wakes up the next day and decides that was all bullshit.  She convinced herself that she was misremembering being kidnapped, the tattoo didn’t just hop onto her back, she must have gotten drunk and got a tattoo of a giant weird tree on her back.  Even though it didn’t make sense she made herself believe it.  In her defense it makes more sense that what really happened. 

Problem is she did get really sick.  She lost more than thirty pounds in a couple weeks.  Her hair started falling out, not just on her head but everywhere.  She felt like she had something moving inside of her like a parasite.  The doctor she went to told her there was nothing physically wrong with her and speculated that she was on the crack. 

I don’t think she saw a very good doctor.

Eventually out of desperation she did what they wanted, which was not hard because Superstar is a fuckboy supreme.  After the tattoo was moved over to him she then convinced herself that none of it had ever happened and she was just drinking too much. 

Then I came along and ruined that delusion.

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