The girl with none of the gifts

My spell didn’t work is the short version.  They had the poor girl shackled and muzzled like a zombie movie, not to mention completely naked.  They said they stripped her because the tattoo could move anywhere on her body but who the fuck cares?  I didn’t need to see it to do the spell. 

After the spell failed I told them I needed to talk to her and find out what had happened to her so I could try to come up with something else.  They refused.  I said they couldn’t treat her like this if they wanted my help.  They told me to fuck off because I was useless anyway.

I was very close to noclipping her out of there.  I should have.

A Jon Hamm looking douchebag flipped a card into my chest with a number to call if I “managed to pull my head out of my ass long enough to find a solution”.  I don’t know if they hate me because I’m magic or because I’m poor or both but I’m ready to hate them right back. 

I tried my finding spell on Kaisey but she’s very far away.  I tried on Country Music Cult Leader Lady but it was blocked.  Mister Baseball Star though?  He’s nearby and he’s broadcasting his location to me like he wants to be found. 

I dug through Royale’s trunk because I remembered reading something about magic tattoos.  I was part right, I found something about magic ink.  In 1957 Royale and a few of his friends traveled to Los Fresnos to fight a magician who was terrorizing the town.  This person had enspelled themselves to be unkillable.  I think that part should have gotten more attention.  It was just mentioned in passing like casting a spell to make yourself unkillable was no big deal.

The townfolk had burned the magician for being a jerk but they didn’t die because they were unkillable.  Instead the ashes turned into an ash-ghost monster and continued being a problem.  Because of the unkillable stuff.  They called this witch-ghost La Lechuza.

Royal and his friends disrupted La Lechuza back into ash and then turned that ash into ink, there’s some real non-magic technique where you can do that.  They took that ink and scribbled her to into a book as a trap. 

Maybe something like that happened here.  The tattoo seems to be alive, maybe it used to be a person.  Which is fucked up.

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