Thirsty Thursday – Bonus Commentary Track

I don’t know why I’ve been so in my head about the Grace story lately. Or why I feel the need to share those thoughts.

As I’ve been posting Grace to Wattpad editing and re-writing and re-thinking as I go I’ve dropped out some of the “life in wrestling stuff” and put in more supernatural magic shenanigans. Which is “funny” because lately I’ve been thinking that in the main Grace story (here) I’ve been doing too much magic and not enough wrestling stuff.

My original idea was that I wanted to service both “worlds” equally as much as possible. But there’s no reason to do that I see now. The magic stuff is potentially more interesting to people so why not lean into that. I had the idea years ago to do a story about someone breaking into “the business” but I decided that would be boring if that’s all it was about. So why not make it low urban fantasy too I thought. In retrospect those are probably better as too different stories.

Oh, and as long as I’m wasting time with post here’s something I was thinking about when I couldn’t sleep the other night on account of my sump pump was running continuously because we got a whole HALF inch of water.

I used to blog at a blogging site. I had way more readers but the downside was there were a lot of societal rules of the community.

There was a TOP BLOGGERS thing on the front page and it was VERY important to some people. Many a blog war was waged over the top blogger list. It made me think of the line someone said about how the lower the stakes are the more people get angry about losing.

When I started getting my small following on that site I was scolded for not following the blogs of everyone who followed me. Later I was scolded for not commenting on their blogs when I read them. Then I was scolded because I wasn’t commenting the right way. The only comments people wanted were compliments, not questions and certainly not anything related to what they were talking about. Then I got scolded for not commenting on the comments that people put on my blog. And so on.

WordPress is not a dedicated blogsite so if there are rules I don’t know them. From what I’ve seen about 50% of blogs/sites/whatever don’t care or look at comments. 25% get mad at you if you comment which is mildly annoying because they can control that, just turn off the comments don’t bark at me buddy. Or maybe they just don’t like my comments. 25% act in a way that I would call “normal”, they think it’s kind of neat that someone commented on their thing.

Point being if I read your blog and you’re super thirsty for comments I’m sorry because aside from a couple sites that I have dialed in I can never remember which ones I follow are in the 75% where comments are either unimportant or unwelcome.

Super duper sorry.


  1. I actually find the wrestling parts of the Grace story just as interesting as the magic parts. Maybe that’s because I have no background on wrestling, and I’ve read a lot of fantasy.

    I also think the wrestling parts tend to show more of her personality. And the “crappy real life” aspect is a nice contrast to the action and magic.

    I honestly hate the quid-pro-quo expectation of likes and comments. Those people can feel free to un-follow me. It’s so bizarre to care about those things, but not about any sort of real interaction or feedback. Why bother? At least the spammers want to use me to rip people off and make some money. I can understand that motivation, even if I don’t like it.

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