I asked the Investors what they wanted me to do since they had the woman pinned to a table already.  From what I’ve seen it would be more their style just to lock her up in some hole and leave here there forever were she wouldn’t hurt their property values.

They want is a cure for the magic tattoo because the woman from the video is the girlfriend of a kid who’s related to someone important.  And that kid doesn’t like it when his girl is having problems. 

Not only if he related to someone important he’s a really good baseball player and might be in the majors someday!  Obviously they can’t have him being distracted from being really good at baseball by having a girlfriend driven insane by a tattoo that flips him off while he’s railing her in the school library. 

“Is this the same fucking baseball star I saved before?” I asked.

They confirmed that it is the same damn kid.  He must be really fucking good at baseball.  Or his parents are super rich.  Or both.  The Investors also made it clear that this time I was not to bring in ANY outside help.  For REAL this time.  They also forbade me from speaking to the baseball kid or the girl.  This group isn’t big on cooperation and transparency.   

I told them I had a spell that I’d used before to remove magic brands and we could try that.  They told me to meet them same place same time tomorrow and then everyone left.

With nothing much to do I spent the day driving and walking around Redacted.  Doesn’t seem like a town on the verge of a massive economic boom.  Granted I have no idea what that would look like.   

If Redacted has become a hotbed for magic weird stuff there has to be a reason.  I thought I would sense something.  It all seemed normal to me though.   

Can it be a coincidence?  Did one weird monster come here and that just attracted others?  I should do like the cute teenagers on the TV do when they fight the supernatural and go to the library and find out about the history of this place. 

If TV writers know anything about the realm beyond there will be a book about the history of Redacted specifically and it will be easy to find and I’ll just have to flip through it a little to find a crucial clue that will give me the edge I need to win and fall in love and kiss in the rain.

I think I’ll check out that Peruvian restaurant instead. 

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