A commenter suggested that I call the Redacted city council the Investors because of a stupid cartoon where vampires by that name give money to supervillains. 

Around El Paso I picked up an escort from the Texas Highway Patrol.  I found out later this is known as booty duty because they do this when the governor is bringing in some out of state puss and he wants it on his dick NOW. 

Must mean Redacted has juice up with the state government.  The troopers probably thought that the governor was really letting his standards slip when they saw me.  I got to Redacted from El Paso in less than 6 hours.  I was flying down I-10.  Felt good.

I was expecting to meet with the Investors in a glass conference room with cucumber sandwiches and way too cold lemon water.  Or maybe in a museum.  Or in an art galleria.  Instead the troopers directed me to an industrial area that looked long abandoned.  Lots of dust in the air.   

Makes sense.  If you want to keep things quiet you don’t bring someone like me to the mayor’s office.   

I figured the troopers would peel off once we were in the area but they got out and flanked me like they were expecting me to attack the fancy rich people.  Justified, since I was pretty aggressive with them on the phone.  Or maybe they were just worried that I’d touch their fine clothing with my dirty stinky fingers, clutching at their pant legs like an orphan beggar. 

“What’s the job?” 

I thought that would sound cool.  One of the ladies in a dark suit handed an iPad to a guy in a different dark suit and he held it up towards me like he was presenting the tablet with the 10 commandments on it.

The video was of a dark haired woman in the same interrogation room they chained me up in wrestling with some officers.  After a moment they got her bent over the table and started pulling her shirt off. 

Just as I was about to say I didn’t want to watch their rape porn movie I saw that the woman being pinned down and stripped had a massive tattoo on her back.  What made this tattoo interesting is that it was flowing around her skin like water and turning into different words.  Words like “let this woman go or you’re all dead”

My response of “huh” was not as cool.

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